Your Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy – 7 Vital elements

Your Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy – 7 Vital elements

Do not underestimate the importance of having a good ebook internet marketing strategy. It will make or break your success in terms of the number of copies your ebook sells, and the revenue and profit you ultimately receive from sales of your ebook.

With that in mind, here are eight vital elements for your ebook internet marketing strategy.

1. Set up a Web Site

The first and most important weapon in your ebook marketing arsenal must be a web site containing a sales page for the ebook. This needs to be a page dedicated to information about your ebook only. It is already better if you set up a dedicated domain name and site for the ebook. Now that web hosting packages are obtainable for just a few dollars a month, and you can get a package allowing unlimited sites in one package, I strongly recommend giving your ebook its very own site.

Your sales page should be well-designed and contain plenty of information about your ebook. This information should include features and benefits to the readers, and of course, testimonials from your satisfied customers. And if you expect to have credibility with possible customers, your sales page needs to be free of little errors.

2. Build Your Own Mailing List

If you don’t already have a mailing list and your own newsletter, start one. You may already have heard that, on average, people need to see a marketing message seven times before they will take action and place an order. A newsletter is a great way to keep your message in front of your audience on a regular basis, and at the same time you will be building up their trust in you as they get to know you and the quality of your information.

You might send out a regular newsletter – for example monthly or weekly – or you can set up autoresponders to automatically send messages at specific intervals. An autoresponder can send a given message at a stated number of days after the subscriber signed up to your mailing list.

3. Sell Your eBook by ClickBank

Why use ClickBank? There are several reasons why I recommend that you consider selling your ebook by ClickBank.

First, ClickBank is a very experienced partner to have when selling an ebook. That’s what they specialize in. There are already 10,000 publishers and authors selling information products using their system. But there is something already more important than the number of publishers. It’s the number of affiliates. ClickBank have an army of 100,000 affiliates ready to ‘jump on your bandwagon’ and start promoting your hot new ebook.

Second, ClickBank has a neat payment processing system. If you use ClickBank you will not need to set up an expensive merchant account with your bank in order to accept credit cards online. Setting up a publisher account with ClickBank costs just $50 or so.

Finally, ClickBank works neatly in conjunction with your own web site and newsletter. You simply add the special links given to you by ClickBank into your newsletter and web site, and whenever anyone clicks by your order link, they will be taken to a specialized order form where they can pay using their credit card or PayPal.
Whenever one of ClickBank’s affiliates refers a visitor who goes on to make a buy, ClickBank automatically tracks which affiliate referred the visitor and pays their commission.

4. Article Marketing

Article marketing involves writing articles and making them obtainable for webmasters and editors to publish. The greatest exposure usually comes from listing the articles at article directories such as EzineArticles and IdeaMarketers. This allows anyone to publish the article without any fee to you, the author, provided they include your ‘Author Resource Box’ at the end of the article.

To promote an ebook successfully using article marketing you should write articles on topics closely related your ebook. Your author’s resource box should be a small use or two about you including a direct link to the web page for your ebook.

Besides being a good way to generate traffic, article marketing is a great technique for increasing your brand awareness. As people read your articles at various web sites they will begin to recognize you as an expert in your topic.

5. Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the quickest ways to excursion traffic to your ebook’s sales page. It is certainly not the cheapest source of traffic, but it is probably the most effective technique to guarantee a large quantity of traffic, fast.

With Pay Per Click advertising you bid the maximum price that you are willing to pay for each visitor that clicks on your listing and comes by to your site. The more you bid, the more likely your listing will show. Many webmasters acquire traffic for $0.05 to $0.15 per click.
One good thing about PPC advertising is that unlike other forms of advertising, you only pay for visitors who truly click by your link and visit your site. Compare that to traditional advertising where you pay a set price for the ad in spite of of whether you receive any response.

6. Regular Advertising

Regular classified advertising is a form of advertising which is particularly shared in newspapers and magazines. Many online ezines and email newsletters offer classified advertising spots. Advertising in these can be one of the best supplies of targeted traffic, since you have the ability to select those newsletters with an audience that most closely resembles your own target audience.

If you know the email newsletter or mailing list is a very good match, consider sending a solo mailing. A solo mailing is a special mailing sent to all the subscribers containing only your message promoting your ebook. It will cost more than regular advertising within a newsletter, but you’ll get a much higher response rate.
And don’t dismiss offline classified advertising. It is possible to run a classified advertisement in an offline publication such as a newspaper or carefully targeted magazine and get an excellent response of people checking out your ebook.

7. Profit Sharing

Consider approaching other web site owners and offering to allow them to sell your ebook directly from their web site. You should position in improvement how the profit will be shared. I usually ask the other web site owner to pay me fifty percent of the revenue from my ebook sales. The web site owner usually loves it because they will have a new ebook to promote, and after they pay their own payment processing fees, they should nevertheless be able to keep 40 to 50 percent of the revenue.

There you have it. Seven proven ebook marketing techniques for promoting your ebook. You might not choose to use all seven, but you should be using at the minimum five or six of these. Some of these techniques include using third-party tools or resources. If you are interested in learning which resources are my favorites, I have some additional details on my web site. If you use these seven techniques carefully they will make an enormous impact on the sales of your ebook.

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