Yogananda And Trance Channeling

In his book God Talks With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita, pages 990-993, Paramahansa Yogananda careful us not to seek guidance from mediums who contact astral entities while in a passive trance state. He wants us to realize that most beings in the astral world are not qualified to give reliable information and some of them purposely try to mislead us, while a realized master–appointed by God to help mankind–presents his divine message and testimony while on earth and, after leaving his physical form behind, does not have any afterthoughts requiring revelation by psychics and mediums. He expected–and it happened–that after he passed on, many trance mediums would claim to be receiving new teachings from him. He said that all such claims would be false.

It would be a mistake, however, to conclude from this that all channeled material is from astral spirits and is false or of little value. Some very useful information has been channeled by trance mediums, for example, Edgar Cayce. And, already though great masters do not channel teachings by ordinary trance mediums after passing on, Jesus, Mother Mary and other great ones have given messages–of truth, inspiration, functional value, and hope–to certain people for humanity.

In the last forty years, by messages he has given to people who could work with him, Jesus has been correcting misinterpretations of his teachings, in addition as misconceptions regarding him that arose in the early Christian church, and also addressing problems that confront us today, such as the danger of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, earth changes, and the degradation of the ecosystem due to pollution.

It is reasonable to assume that, 2,000 years after completing his mission on earth, Jesus would want to correct misconceptions regarding him and his teachings, and address problems that pertain to our modern, technological era. additionally, for several decades, he has been giving us profound teachings about non-judgment, divine love and oneness that are not in the Bible. It makes perfect sense that now, in an age of greater spiritual awareness, Jesus would give higher teachings to those who are able to understand them, by messengers who are able to communicate with him. Perhaps these teachings were given to his close disciples, but they would not have been understood by the masses and were not embraced or taught by the Church. Today, Christians would think of them as new teachings.

One should always be discerning when reading information that has been channeled, for it may have come from an astral spirit posing as an enlightened being. If someone receives teachings from the other side of the veil, it is best if they are fully conscious and can tell what kind of being they are communicating with. In communicating with or reading the words of an enlightened being, one’s consciousness usually is elevated. This is a sign that what they are receiving or reading comes from a divine source and is truth.

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