Who Needs Funny Wallpapers? We All Do!

Who Needs Funny Wallpapers? We All Do!

Do you ever dread turning your computer on? If youre like most people, you probably do. Lets confront it, computer time is not always fun. Youre either at your desk in the middle of a long workday, hitting away at the keyboard, or youre at home paying the mortgage, doing your taxes or trying to figure out how to send that latest doctors bill to your new Health Savings Account. Given how much computer time is just plain drudgery, you need to do at all event you can to lighten the mood while youre there. Putting funny wallpapers on your computers desktop is one way to do just that.

Just imagine opening your computer and seeing a funny wallpaper that makes you smile. Youll be happier, for one thing; you might already be healthier! Studies prove that laughter strengthens the immune system. Whenever you come back to your desktop, those funny images will be there, just waiting to make you laugh and perk up your day.

And dont think of it as being selfish, either. Other people probably walk by your computer all day long. Think of those funny pictures on your desktop as your little gifts to humanity. Your funny wallpaper will be a surprise treat for every person passing by. In these difficult times, brightening someones day is truly a random act of kindness.

Funny wallpapers come in every imaginable style and the choices are nearly endless. Some of them are sight gags: an impossible combination of images, usually Photoshopped – that make you stop and stare for a moment and then laugh out loud. Is that really a rabbit with its feet up on the desk, smoking a cigar? Why is that kitten sound asleep on the back of that very cranky tortoise?

Other funny backgrounds are simply funny pictures, freeze-frame images caught by some quick-thinking photographer: a wide-eyed baby with a bowl of spaghetti on her head for example, or a bear being chased by an incredibly brave tabby cat. Funny images can be sight gags, too, or puns, or already political satire. They can be cerebral, like the sign for pi filled with cherries, or already just a little crude. at all event your tastes, mood or temperament, there are funny backgrounds out there for you.

So dont sit another minute more staring at a boring column of icons; get out there and do your duty for humanity! Find some funny backgrounds for your desktop; pictures that will cheer up everyone who sees them, and make you smile in addition. And dont forget to change your funny pictures frequently. Youll always have something cheery waiting for you there on the computer screen, and youll never dread starting it up again.

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