White Sun – The Heavenly Mantra

In the past, The Wordless Sutra was transmitted from heart to heart and from one Patriarch to another Patriarch. It comprised of five words and because it cannot be spoken out, it is then known as The Wordless Sutra. The term “wordless” also told us that this teaching is subtle and words are insufficient to explain its mystical essence and is not something that you can find from any religious texts.

The Wordless Sutra is also known as The Heavenly Mantra. When we practise The Wordless Sutra, our heart will be in resonance with the divine energy of all the past Saints and Sages. This divine energy will help in the cleansing of our heart and mind. It helps to balance our emotions and thoughts. We can use this mantra to balance back our heart when we are feeling down, upset, nervous, frightened and frustrated or in time of emergency between life and death. continued practice of the mantra would give us a tranquil and peaceful heart and can bring out our wisdom and compassion.

The Heavenly Mantra represents three definite realms in the universe, namely the absolute vicinity (Void or Heavenly World), the relative vicinity (The Spiritual World) and the physical vicinity (Earth). The universe basically can be divided into the three realms as the following:

1] The Absolute vicinity (Wu Ji): It is the Heavenly World, the Void or non-moving and non-changing. It is the origin of all lives and it cannot be destructed. It is the kingdom of God, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Immortals and Saints.

2] The Relative vicinity (Tai Ji): It is the Spiritual World and the active state of Tao. It gives rise to ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ elements. The interaction of the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ elements is the basis of creations and it can be destructed. It is the vicinity of the deities and this state is a state of cyclical changes.

3] The Physical vicinity (Fo Ji): This is Earth and it includes all the physical entities that are produced by the interaction of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’. This size is impermanent and regularly changing and things are produced and destroyed at all times.

The three realms also explain our own existence and represent:

1] our true character – the essence within us that is absolute and imperishable.

2] our heart and mind – a state of continued changes. It changes according to the conditions of the ecosystem that surround us.

3] our body – this is the physical entity that is placed under birth, existence, decline and destruction.

The three realms in the universe exist also within ourselves and this is the reason human being is regarded as a form of the whole universe. Buddha once said, “I am the universe and the universe is me.”

The first, second and third information of The Heavenly Mantra represent the first, second and third vicinity respectively. The fourth and fifth information when combined together is the name of Maitreya Buddha or Mi-Le Buddha in Chinese. Maitreya is Sanskrit meaning alleviating sufferings of others, and giving compassion and joy to others. The Heavenly Mantra is the second Heavenly Treasure and is the secret of Heaven. It cannot be revealed openly except during the transmission of Tao where Three Heavenly Treasures will be given to the recipient who must kneel down before God.

In short the first information represents God, Truth or the Void, the source and essence of the universe. The second information represents Yin-Yang energies, which are the driving forces behind all the evolvement of the world. The third information represents Buddha, the fourth information represents the immensity of Tao and the fifth information represents the rescuing of all beings, having affinity back to Heaven.

This is the saying of Heaven, “Tao of Heaven is made obtainable to everyone the first time since the beginning of this cycle of Heaven and Earth. To encounter this scarce event in thousands of years is truly a mystic blessing. Tao of Heaven brings salvation to the kind and the good in this world, to the deities above and the souls of the deceased below. It transmits the mystic and marvelous secret of Heaven at this last moment. By lauching of Tao, one unlocks the golden lock and the indestructibility of the True Self emerges.”

Author: T.A Chew

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