What Ghosts Teach Us About Happiness

What Ghosts Teach Us About Happiness

When I was five, I lived in a tiny college town that lay far beyond the most outer limits of Atlanta and I spent my days playing in our grassy front yard underneath the tall Georgia pines that lined the front of our character. This was the 70’s, a time before play dates, cable television and video games, and our house was located on a street with only one other house nearby. So much of my time was spent playing on my own.

I did have one regular playmate, however. She was wonderful – so very kind and generous and loving. She was quite a bit older than I, in fact, she was 40. She was very nurturing, and she cared for me much in the same way that she cared for her own children though. I often wondered where her children were while she was spending so much time with me.

I preferred to play with her only when I was on my own and preferably when I was outside. Indoors, her depression became more apparent to me and I found it extremely to be around. Too, when I was indoors I was usually around other people – family, school mates and teachers – who could poke fun at me for my “invisible friend” and I found that embarrassing and also frightening. sometimes someone would ask me if she were around and I might say, “Oh yes and she’s doing this or that,” whether she was or not. That way I could play along with the idea that her existence was just part of a game.

I’ve interacted with disincarnates, or the earthbound souls of those who have died, for as long as I can remember. For most of my life this was an experience I often found troubling, not only because of the fear of judgment from others but also because disincarnates aren’t always as kind and loving as my childhood friend was and I was never sure what to do in those situations. I often tried stopping these visitations, but I was never successful.

Time and again I wondered why I found so many disincarnates around. I saw them everywhere – restaurants, bars, hotels, cemeteries, other people’s homes, churches, schools…everywhere. Bars are a real hot identify for disincarnates since they often satisfy off of the desperation, the loneliness and the self-denial the patrons bring in. And if they had any addictions in life, such as drinking, smoking or drugs they also like to try to live vicariously by others

I asked other psychics about the situation but no one knew why this was happening or how to get these people to move on.

Finally I met a shaman who not only had answers to my questions, he had a solution to the problem. I attended a small gathering this shaman was leading and was intrigued when he began to discuss his own experiences with disincarnates.

On one event he encountered several deceased Vietnam fighter pilots nevertheless in uniform. “Why are you nevertheless here?” the shaman asked them.

“Because we’re waiting for someone to help us,” one of the men replied…

There are many reasons why people refuse to cross over after they die. Some stay behind because they’re afraid of punishment or rejection on the Other Side. Others stay behind because they’re mired in unresolved relationships and emotions. in spite of of why they choose to stay, once they’re stuck here, they oftentimes need help finding Their Way Home.

I talked with the shaman at length about my encounters and together we realized that there was a new size to my purpose. There was a reason why I saw so many disincarnates and they seemed to know this reason already before I did.

Ghosts have haunted me all of my life, and there were many times when I wished I could make them go away. Ultimately, though, once I learned my purpose was to help these ghosts, my experiences with them became much easier and meaningful.

In one way or another, we all confront ghosts in our lives. The ghosts of old relationships, the ghosts of who we used to be, the ghost of missed opportunities and lost dreams, and already toxic people and experiences can ‘haunt’ us until we recognize the mirror they mirror within our life.

Ghosts of all kinds teach us that we must develop our intuition, our Divine insight, to see beyond our earth plane circumstances. We live in a time when simple, straightforward explanations aren’t always enough to give us the healing, the guidance and the answers we need. We are called to know from within and to answer the Divine Guidance that waits to help us.

There are many hidden layers to every circumstance, every relationship and every path. Though we aren’t always sure how to access this vigorous information, those of us who are more sensitive can’t rest until we’ve brought the whole truth into our awareness. And that’s because ultimately…”only truth brings peace”.

By the time ghosts come to me they realize they need intuitive guidance and a helping hand. They’ve finally figured out that staying angry gets them further away from what they want, and that not trusting what comes next and refusing to be authentic brings more pain than they can bear.

In those final moments before I cross them over, they are finally willing to see all the many layers, all that they are and to trust what comes next. Ghosts are an example to all of us as to what torture our own limiting behaviors can cause us and what we can do to bring an end to our own experiencing.

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