Visiting London in 2012: Interested in Chinese Culture and Martial Art…

Visiting London in 2012: Interested in Chinese Culture and Martial Art…

One-to-one Kung fu training with Grandmaster Yap Leong (in Chinatown in Little Newport Street) on a regular basis method I have spare time to shop and see some of Londons sights. London visits in 2012 for those interested in Chinese Martial Arts, Culture and Feng Shui etc. for business, pleasure and for the Olympics can be enjoyed already more with a little insider knowledge.

Han Jen: British Museum

Regularly visiting the British Museums excellent Chinese Section on the First Floor method a Han Dynasty straight-sword (Jen) always catches my eye, like the Shang Dynasty Bronze Ritual Vessels from around 1500 BCE. Visiting the Museum is always a delightful and educational experience.

Han Dynasty sword-technology advances produced longer, stronger blades. The iron sword has a lacquered scabbard and carved wood fittings with an interlaced design. Pommel, guard, slide and chape are decorated with Dragons and Snakes. established by Liu Pang in 206 BCE, such was Chinas attention to the Han Dynastys virtues that its People nevertheless refer to themselves as Han Jen/ Han swords today.

However, if you plan to visit this Summer, the Museum Cafeteria prices hardly represent value-for-money (particularly for families). Joy Chinese/Thai Buffet within 100 yards of the Museums Main Entrance offers eat-your-fill for around the same price as one Museum sandwich Mr Wu (Wardour Street Chinatown) is already cheaper (I can recommend both). Next big British Museum Exhibition is BP-sponsored Shakespeare: Staging the World 19th July-25th Nov 2012. Be prepared!

Chinatown and Covent Garden

Loon Feng (Dragon Phoenix) Supermarket on Gerrard Street or See attract on Lisle Street usually provide a associate of weeks supply of medicinal Chinese Herbal Teas. Many are delicious, provide a wonderful start to the day and are also remarkably cheap. Before Qigong, Apothecary or Acupuncture, the Chinese recommend Food Therapy-eating and drinking according to certain principles which re-balance internal systems (1) (2)

Guangwha (Newport Place) probably the U.K.s foremost Chinese Bookshop and source of related artefacts and materials is also a favourite port-of-call. Take nearby signs warning of Pick-pockets operating locally seriously. Such events are reported on a daily basis, whilst other individuals blame themselves, thinking theyve been careless and lost something.

Nearby Covent Garden Market, only a short stroll away, also merits a visit. The Monday Antique Market often has Chinese items like Buddha or Kuan Yin figures and Chinese Feng Shui coins obtainable inexpensively (3).

Shaolin Way

My final pre-training destination is always Shaolin Way (Little Newport Street) Grandmaster Yap Leongs Martial Arts Store nearby to Leicester Square Tube stop. There,alongside the many Martial items: weapons, equipment, uniforms, DVDs etc. on characterize and in-store is a wealth of information (and skill) relating to current Martial Arts, especially Chinese Martial Arts and Qigong.


(1) Liu Zhengcai The Mystery of Longevity (1996) Beijing, Foreign Languages Press (3rd Edition) devotes a whole Section to this.

(2) Martial Arts Ezine: Red Dragon Issue 68, May 2012, reviews the above.

(3) Look for coins from the reign of Qing Emperor Chien Lung.

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