Video in need

Video in need

Video On need is a kind of streaming video that allows users to select and watch or listen video and audio content that is on need. While webcasts are perceived as impractical for most purposes, VODs are becoming increasingly popular.   In using this, the video can be stored on a server. It can be viewed by anyone at any point of time in future.  However, it should be stored in an appropriate format that is functional for future use.  Due to the ease of storage and use, VOD has attained large acceptance and popularity among users. 

Most video streaming is stored either in real media, Apple Quicktime or Windows Media formats. All video streaming formats are compressed in order to reduce the original size of the video that allows faster transmission speeds. There are many ways in which videos can be compressed. But the best way to do it is by taking parts of the video image that keep continued. For example, the background of the image can be kept continued and other parts can be cut. 

In order to allow larger viewership, it should be edited in such a way that it can be viewed with a dial up connection or with a broadband service already at low speeds.  It is a good practice to edit the videos in different formats. 

Moving on to hosting the video file, a web server is required for storage and from there; the file can be hosted on different websites. The advantage of having VOD on websites is that they can detect the connection speeds and deliver a version that is appropriate for a particular connection speed. consequently, VODs are advantageous over other forms of streaming videos.

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