Using Your Mind-Body Network for Insight and Healing

Using Your Mind-Body Network for Insight and Healing

One finds books by various serendipitous ways.My route was from World Peace Advocate John Hagelin to Christianne Northrup to Mona Lisa Schultz.

I read an article by Dr. Hagelin in which he recounted how he reconnected with his schoolmate Dr. Northrup. He had a link to Dr. Northrup’s newsletter. In that newsletter I read about Mona Lisa Schultz who was a friend and colleague of Dr. Northrup.It was a point in March 2003 where I had renewed my search for an easy way to access my intuition.

Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz is a physician, practicing psychiatrist and holds a PH.D in and behavioral neuroscience–the study of the brain and intelligence.

She is also practices as medical intuitive, giving clients psychic phone readings on physical health.In these readings she also links physical ailments to the client’s spiritual and emotional beliefs.

Schultz claims that all meaningful life experiences are encoded in our cells and these long-forgotten memories blindly continue to influence and form the way we react to life experiences. These memories and forgotten emotions speak to us in a language rare to each individual. She firmly believes that intuition exists and can be accessed by everyone.

Dr. Schultz battled weakening injury and disease herself and ultimately taught herself to understand her body’s symbolic language. She indicates that we do the same so that we can respond to the body’s needs early . In that way the body does not have to develop complete-blown disease to get our attention.

I was fascinated by Dr. Schultz’s life experiences. I was also intrigued by her idea of the mind/body connection. I felt a growing sense that this book had not come my way by chance. Its insights were supposed to be used. Soon,I would discover why I felt this way.

In two weeks, I learnt that a relative of mine- a young,bright,gregarious woman had quit college with extreme depression. I quickly understood that my role was to keep myself and others focused on healing her.I spent a lot of time directing healing energy to her.I am grateful to Dr. Schultz for giving me the confidence in my intuition that I needed at that time.Today she is back in school. She is on medication but a network of friends prayed for her and sent her love.

Later that year, in June, I suffered what was described as a ‘silent heart attack’. It was a frightening experience which I went by alone for about four hours. In that period I drank water,kept my circulation going with my Chi Machine and meditated. I think I handled this experience without panic because I insisted in ‘talking’ to my body, to affirm that mind could influence physical body. I got though that period and am more healthy and more in tune with my body today.

One major insight I got from this book is that people like me who are fluent with words do not easily get in touch with their intuition. Dr. Schultz suggested using dreams as a method for accessing intuition. I was comfortable doing this because in the past I had successfully recorded and interpreted several vivid dreams.So I returned to writing down my dreams for examination. It has helped me.

A lot depends on which point in your life you read this book. I happen to have been meditating regularly for over thirty years and to have had several intuitive experiences. I’ve also met many gifted intuitive people. consequently I did not approach the material with any great scepticism.

Also I felt strongly that I needed to learn the material that Dr. Schultz was explaining. People who are very left brained may find what Dr. Schultz says as so much “mumbo jumbo”.

already readers familiar with right brain theory may find Dr.Schutz’s book takes some careful reading. It’s a book to buy and re-read.

I’d advise doing what I now do–opening the book at random and reading that section.

Today’s society encourages what we may term as learned helplessness.We become dependent on outside experts to tell us what our body is saying. As a consequence many of us drift unaware into diseased conditions. Dr. Schultz uses her scientific knowledge and perspective to show that our bodies and minds are wired to give us information.We can be healthier and happier if we tuned in to this connection.

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