United First Financial Review

United First Financial Review

United First Financial is a home based business that offers a program called the Money Merge Account. Founders Skyler Witman and John Washenko discovered in the summer of 2002 a method used in several other countries to pay down mortgages in record time.

Witman and Washenko set afloat a one year test market release in Denver, Colorado. The founders saw that homeowners from the initial 400 client test market achieved results with a rate of 15-20% better savings and payoff time. Homeowners with 30 year mortgages were on track to become mortgage free after 8-11 years.

The Money Merge Account is a software system that uses your money to put your advantage instead of the bank money. This account is not a bi-weekly program, a consolidation program, or a debt roll-down. This system just takes minutes to update and it is user-friendly. The Money Merge software gives you real-time reporting estimates of your mortgage pay-off date. You also access to unlimited customer sustain. With the Money Merge Account system are supposed to cancel out interest on their mortgage with the money that they typically leave sitting in their checking account and savings account.

United First Financial also provide for people to have their own home based business. With this company you earn money form Money Merge Account Commissions, Bonus Pools, and Training bonuses. The tools that U1st offer for their independent agents are VIP training, specialized marketing materials, videos, webinars, 3-way calls, and conference calls. If you are interested in this company do your research to see if it is right for your.

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