Understanding Psychic Abilities: Clairsentience Explained

Understanding Psychic Abilities: Clairsentience Explained

Clairsentience may be one of the most shared psychic abilities out there, but is often overlooked or misunderstood. It is very similar to Clairempathy but manifests in a slightly different way.

What is Clairsentience?

A clairsentient senses the emotion of others, and how they feel, without feeling the emotion as if it’s their own. An empath, however, experiences the emotion of another as if it comes from themselves and they are the ones who are truly scared, sad, depressed, happy, or angry. Sentients with this ability often need to protect in order to disconnect from a person or situation when necessary.

How does it Manifest?

Someone who has this psychic ability will have an invisible connection with someone that allows them to feel or experience that person’s mindset or emotions at that moment in time.

Having sudden and unstoppable thoughts of someone is a sign of this ability, and the reader will have to learn to ‘switch off’ to avoid this happening more or less regularly. Clairsentients may also find that their moods change according to their ecosystem or the people around them, and what this method is that the reader or sentient is truly feeling the emotions of people around them.

For example: a Clairsentient reader may go into a place where violence occurred and feel the emotions of either the perpetrator or the victim. During a psychic reading, the reader may experience the emotions of the client or the person in question and be able to relay why they’re acting the way they are by explaining their emotional or mental state to the client.

Holding objects that belonged to someone else may also cause psychic experiences and someone who is clairsentient may find that their emotions change when they keep up certain objects, especially if the object before belonged to someone else.

Past, Present, and Future

Clairsentients can connect to the past, present or future by ‘feeling’ or sensing what someone went by, is going by, or may go by in future. A reader with this psychic ability may be able to ‘feel’ how someone will experience a future event, but if he or she does not have the ability of clear sight or clear knowing, the reader won’t know exactly what that event might be.

One of Many Psychic Abilities

This particular psychic gift is one of a few, and while readers may have a combination of psychic abilities, not all psychics are clairsentient. Look for a psychic with this ability if you need to understand someone’s state of mind, their emotions, and how they may be experiencing a situation. It’s a good way to get ‘into the head and heart’ of another person, so this ability works really well with readings where the focus lies on emotion, such as love and relationship readings.

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