Turning Procrastination Into a Criminal Offense

Everyone procrastinates. In most situations we procrastinate until we are forced to deal with in any case we are avoiding. Pay your credit card bill late and you get a notice – it may cost you a little but no biggie. Skip your workout for a few weeks and you’ll gain a few pounds but you can always lose the weight. But if you get a traffic ticket and don’t pay the fine on time or worse forget it all together you get hit hard – your drivers license is suspended. at the minimum that’s the way it works in Florida.

In 2006 over 1.4 million drivers in Florida got their drivers license suspended for not complying with a court order, summons, or fine. In most situations these were drivers who got a ticket and did not pay the fine on time or did not appear in court on the date ordered. Unlike your credit card company, the Florida DMV does not give warnings.

Not paying your traffic ticket is the easiest way to get your drivers license Suspended in Florida.

To make matters worse, many of the drivers who got their license suspended ignored the order and continued to excursion. If you get your license suspended you can get a hardship license that allows you to excursion for work or school. But many drivers don’t. Those drivers that continue to excursion with a suspended license put themselves at further risk. If you are caught driving with a suspended license and convicted it is considered a criminal offense.

Get a Hardship License

Getting a hardship license is not a difficult course of action. The Florida Drivers Association explains the time of action on http://www.123driving.com. A hardship license allows you excursion to work or for business purposes or educational purposes. In 2006, over 227,000 drivers were charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license. These drivers managed to turn procrastination in a criminal offense.

Take a Class, Get a License

If your drivers license is suspended or revoked in Florida, in most situations you can take a class called ADI (progressive Driver Improvement). This is a 12-hour traffic school class. The good news is that you can procrastinate. The class lets you login and logout and finish the class on your schedule. When you enroll in the class you get a proof of enrollment, which in most situations is all you need to get your hardship license. Of course when you have your hardship license be aware of the restrictions or you’ll be right back where you started with no license to excursion and running out of options.

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