Toxic Gases and Human Life

There are many gases produced by cars, machines, and waste that can affect the flow of the oxygen within human red blood cells.

Pick from my ordinary level there are cell that transport oxygenated and de-oxygenate blood within human body.

Today in this article I shall be talking about carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and carcinogens and the extent to which they affect both the ecosystem and human beings. Humans local, regional and global have been promoted to continue a clean ecosystem.

Carbon is a building block of molecules which make up living cells and its basic elements for life on earth. Carbon can be found in gas, liquid, fossil fuels or in substantial form and moves in the air, ocean, rivers, and landmass by chemical processes and geophysical method.

It moves by the air as carbon dioxide, carbon acids and then flows to the ocean and all these gases are unhealthy to human beings as they may rule to air bone diseases like turbacolosis (TB), asthma and many others.

Carbon dioxide is a gas that occurs naturally in the air and is produced when animals breathe, vegetation rots and when material containing carbon is burnt or broken down. Carborn dioxide is meaningful part in photosynthesis, a major based source of food for organisms on earth.

by photosynthesis carbon dioxide combines with water and sunlight energy to produce sugars which provide energy for plants to grow.

Many years ago, earth air consisted on carbon dioxide until plants removed gases by way of decomposition. Human kinds have reversed the time of action by reversing carbon by burning fossil fuels.

Carbon dioxide is currently termed “green house gases” and absorbs heat in the air. Carbon dioxide is absorbed back into the system physically by plants, which can be tamed if humankinds destroys many trees and reduces he absorption capacity. People especially in urban centres cut down trees for fire wood supplies due to inconsistent electricity supply.

The newly resettled farmers in Zimbabwe disturbs carbon dioxide by unnecessary veld fires that end up destroying grass and trees in search for wild animals.

Carbon monoxide is a colourless gas produced by incomplete combustion from vehicles and cigarettes. It is a toxic which combines with haemoglobin (the red blood cells) to form pink carboxy-haemoglobin, which prevents the red blood cells from transporting oxygen to the body tissues. In Most developing countries like Zimbabwe many vehicles are not road worth and produces exhaust fumes that produce carbon monoxide.

Chain smokers have a level between 9-10% and at this level nothing much can be noticed as harm except people with heart or lungs complaints. Human being should avoid smoking, burning bushes and driving un road worth cars to curb carbon monoxide

Carcinogens is a substance that can cause cancer in animal tissues in addition as human beings. Carcinogens substances such as arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, cobalt, chromium and asbestos are among the substances that form carcinogens. Carcinogens can be deleted from work place, by encouraging workers to use protective clothing.

In Zimbabwe most gas filling tanks are not well take care of, teachers who are nevertheless using chalk boards directly breathes the chalk dust and those in industry that manufacture cement, quarry stones, builders and many other professionals should avoid carcinogens in their everyday livelihoods.

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