Top 10 Interview Tips for the Best Interview Experience

Top 10 Interview Tips for the Best Interview Experience

So youve mastered the begin again! How wonderful and now you have an interview, already better! Congratulations! Youve now made it to where everybody wants to go. If youre getting ready for your next interview take a look at our Top 10 Interviewing Tips. I cant guarantee your success at getting the job but it may help make you stand out in the crowd.

Basic Interview Tips

1. Be on time or early

It should be noted that this shouldnt be on the list at all except Human Resource people tell me all the time that their candidates are late. Just remember its better to be early and wait for the hiring manager than be late and make them wait on you. If needed, make sure youre there 15 minutes early.While I was in the service if you werent 15 minutes early you were already late. I have to let in that this has carried over to my career. I already show up early to telephone conference calls. Ive worked for people who laugh as Im hanging on to the phone waiting for the meeting to start!

2. Dress for success

Dressing for successful interviews doesnt have to average boring. There are a few tips on how to dress for the event but for me there is really only a associate of real points to remember.

use a jacket (Yes men you should use a tie preferably not clip on use something someone can comment on and ask you questions about Like an interesting piece of Jewelry or a tie pin. Also checkout what the hiring manager is wearing maybe they also have an identifying piece on that may help you start a conversation and build a connection.

3. Bring copies of your begin again

already though most companies will forward your begin again to the hiring manager because they are by an automated talent system they may be hard to read so make sure you bring clean begin again including a cover letter. If you have more than one interviewer and you know the names make sure that the cover letter is addressed to the Hiring Manager that you are interviewing with. If they dont tell you their names prior or you only have one name put the one name you have. But if they dont, put To Whom it May Concern.

4. Make Eye Contact

Establishing good eye contact during an interview can make the difference in whether you successfully get a job. Your eyes serve as the window into your confidence, interest level and professionalism in an interview. Maintaining good eye contact throughout the interview doesnt exactly average staring at the Hiring Manager the whole time. It should appear natural and friendly so you can look away now and then. If you get intimidated or distracted when looking into their eyes, you can look at their forehead

5. Use Non-Verbal Language

From the opening handshake to your smile, posture, and eye contact during the interview, the way you present yourself non-verbally plays a crucial role in how Hiring Manager judges your interest and enthusiasm for the job. Be polite and be yourself. The default job-interview facial expression would be your smile. Your handshake should be firm, but not bone-crushing. Once the Hiring Manager invites you to have a seat, sit up straight and try sitting slightly toward the edge of the chair to appear eager. If youd like to go back to the basics check out this article from Quint Careers on Basic Interview Tips.

The Best Interview Tips

6. Have you done your Research?

Research, research, research and let me stress Research. You will know of the hiring manager and hopefully you will know any additional people that you would interview with.

Researching the Hiring Manager

First order of business is to make sure you look them up on LinkedIn. Check out this article on How to Research a Hiring Manager before an Interview. Next up you should look them up on Facebook and Google +.

Find out if you have any shared hobbies or interests If you can befriend them on LinkedIn to check out their connections to see if you have anyone in shared See if you have a shared Alma matter or a competitive one each can bring bonding over which makes the interview more successful. See if they have prior service in the military (All veterans are proud of their service) Check and if theyve won any awards

Researching the Company

Make sure you research the company in addition so you can show off your new found knowledge.

Look at their company website Check trade journals and industry news. Set up Google Alerts this will send you notification if they are in the news. If this is a public company go to Yahoo Finance or Google Finance and check out their quarterly earnings Report. This can come in handy when youre answering questions and can already help you figure out the best questions to ask.

7. Bring questions!

Remember that the questions you ask will determine the their culture is like. Also the hiring manager is going to be the person you will be working with. What their attitude is will also define how you interact with them in the future. Remember you can refer to your notes so write down the questions you want to ask before hand.

8. Take some notes

Youve already done a lot of research dont but youll find out a lot more as you go by the interview. Take notes! I had an interview with the hiring manager and she truly brought up the fact that I didnt take any notes. I think she wanted to make sure that I was paying attention and already basically tested me during the interview. I didnt receive the job offer but I passed the test. I always thought it may be because I didnt take notes. Well Ill always surprise about that…

9. Ask questions

Tying the above question together youre going to hear clues as to how the culture works, what the hiring manager wants and what is most important to them. Listen carefully and you can almost guarantee that youll find the right questions to ask. Look for keywords like I need someone who is organized. Pay attention to the questions generally the answer is right there in front of you.

10. Closing the Interview and Following Up

Make sure you get cards/email address to write thank you notes. I always ask for a card because youll be wanting to follow up with a thank you observe either snail mail or email. From each person if they dont give you one, call up the Recruiter and ask them. If you nevertheless cant get that the next best way is to look at the email address of the recruiter to see what their email is and then. Make sure you send the email/or thank you observe within 24 hours. Dont delay as you want to be on their mind while their making the decision. Too late and the decision will be made without you.

Good luck in your job search!

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