Things To Eat In Los Angeles

Things To Eat In Los Angeles

We’ll start at the beginning of the day, with the early morning (for some, really early) fry up. There’s nothing as good as a large pile of grease after a late night, is there?

The Griddle is great for hangovers and a little A.M. star gazing. Here you can enjoy a morning coffee with others who are probably worse off than you in the hangover stakes and already bump into a few green- tinged rock stars. It’s on 7916 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood. Breakfast starts at 7am, 8am on Weekends.

In N Out Burger is the long standing ‘It Place’ for late night burgers. The food is good and fresh (never frozen) and you can always run into a drunken celebrity on their way back to rehab. Catch one of their famous burgers and fries at 7009 Sunset Blvd, though it is a chain and you can find stores everywhere.

The fattier and deadlier Fat Burger is almost a competitor of In N Out, except that Fat Burger is exactly that, and the image conscious don’t often eat at places that have this many calories. The burgers are filled with grease and fatty elements, surely to put a healthy person over the edge, and the unhealthy people in utter nirvana.

If you’re thinking about hitting up Fat Burger more than once, think again, the obesity statistics in this country are against your favor. Here’s an address for you, 1611 North Vermont method, though there are others around.

Moving on to middle of the day (not so drunk) food, are the places that are good for a snack, lunch or coffee. Great fresh pastries, fruit tarts and coffee in a Parisian style café are at the Susina Bakery and Cafe on 7122 Beverly Blvd. You can savor high chocolates, their famous spinach and garlic turnover and also check your mail on your laptop.

Similarly, good hearty breakfasts are served up at BLD (breakfast, lunch, dinner- in case you wondered). There are fluffy pancakes and croissants, salads and meat dishes, burgers and deserts. basically, this restaurant caters for all occasions, doing all meals well and with style. BLD is at 7450 Beverly Blvd, from 8am till 11pm (very handy).

Asian fusion is the latest thing, but if you’re on the run and you’re craving something decent, Daikokuya is a great change. This restaurant/ diner is infamous for excellent ramen and noodles. It’s not exactly high brow, and looks kind of dinky, but the food is worth being squashed in the crowded room. All up, it’s cheap, good for you and good quality ramen. If ramen is your thing, don’t miss this one at 327 E. First Street, (downtown).

Another local favorite is The Oinkster, on 2005 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock. The air is like an old school diner selling pastrami sandwiches, but the food draws a regular crowd. It’s a great option for a hearty lunch, but maybe not if you’re watching your weight. Recommended dishes are the pulled-pork sandwich, Belgian fries and the ube milkshakes.

Angeli Caffe on 7274 Melrose Ave does lunch and dinner and is fantastic if you are hankering for some Italian. The food is simple and authentic and always inspires the laziest of diners.

More great Italian food and personality can be found at Angelini Osteria on 7313 Beverly Blvd. The food is a little more complicated and the flavors are adult, buy the recipes are old school. The oxtail here is worth a mention if you can get it and the wine list is decent. The restaurant itself is a trattoria complete of loud conversations that only the Italians can do best.

Finally there are the decadent restaurants we hear about in the papers and movies, the ones that will empty your bank account without shame. These restaurants use imported chefs and seduce you with flavors, wine cellars and the supermodels (literally) that dine next to you. If you have the time and money, go to at the minimum one, it’s a different world (at the minimum in comparison to Fat Burger).

The Château Marmont deserves no introduction. It is as famous for its food as it is for its hotel, clientele and snobbery. Plan ahead for this one, and enjoy yourself when you are sitting in its grandeur. You’ll probably see Paris Hilton across the room, but don’t stare. The food is divine, of course, the service is surprisingly friendly and the air is beautiful and out of this planet. Address is 8221 Sunset Blvd, but you’ll see the castle…

Cut is the best steak in the city, and is clearly priced consequently. If you need the best wagyu steak of all time in your belly, there is only one place to go, though you clearly will need an improvement booking. Cut is in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, 9500 Wilshire Boulevard.

Koi is the latest hip place for sushi, and is frequented by a ridiculous amount of stars and star wannabes. The food is great, the air and mood is already better. If you want an Asian treat, don’t hesitate on this one, it’s at 730 N. La Cienega Blvd.

The best seafood in the city it the Water Grill, though you will pay dearly. This is an LA icon, so if you love oysters, and you want to use the money on something you’ll truly never forget, make a reservation. The wine list is excellent and you can find it at 544 South Grand.

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