The Mortgage Liberator – Fight Foreclosure with Options

It saddens me to see so many people losing their homes to foreclosure when it is often unnecessary. Why give up the biggest investment of your lifetime – your dream home – when money that changes hands nearly every day is obtainable to help you make that mortgage payment?

Yes, subprime mortgage losses are grabbing all the headlines these days. It appears the banking crises will only get worse. And that’s bad news for many Americans for various reasons.

But guess what? Despite the mess produced by adjustable-rate mortgages and other questionable loans, there is no need to fear your monthly mortgage or credit cars bills. And there is no need to fear not having enough money already if your mortgage rate rises. You just need to know where to find the additional cash to cover your costs. Let me explain.

When individuals and couples prepare to buy a new home, what do they do? They begin to watch interest rates. They know they’ll save enormous amounts of money if they can lock in a low rate on a 20- or 30-year loan. But once they’ve purchased their home, painted it and moved in all their furniture and appliances, then what do they do? Stop watching interest rates. This is a big mistake.

Owning a home is not an investment, according to Robert Kiyosaki, author of high Dad, Poor Dad. It is a liability. Your home provides shelter, yes, but it also drinks money every month. And consider the many things that can go wrong: bad plumbing, leaky roof, bad neighborhood, falling home values, etc. Most homeowners don’t realize that owning a home is like owning a business. You must reckon with a changing economy to sustain and protect what may be the single largest investment of your lifetime.

Homeowners must learn to hedge against disaster. This is what corporations and other businesses do. Do you think corporations that make breakfast food can resist inflated prices in corn, wheat and sugar? No. They watch those prices like a hawk and take action to protect their bottom line. They do this because they do not want to foreclose on their business loans. Homeowners who fear foreclosure, or simply want to adventure economic conditions like bankers and creditors, can follow this example by watching and learning about interest rates.

Nearly every day a newspaper story or cable news broadcast mentions interest rates. Why? Because rate cuts or hikes affect the economy. Hikes slow borrowing, while cuts – lower rates – generally ease the availability of loans. Although many headlines anticipate or report what the Federal save will do at their FOMC meetings – hike or cut rates – interest rates change every business day. And shared people with a little knowledge can learn how to make money by exploiting these changes. All they need to do is learn some basics about U.S. Treasury bond options.

A few hundred dollars a month may not sound like much. But for homeowners who find it difficult to make their mortgage payment a modest sum would be a big help. So why don’t homeowners learn about options? They’ve stopped watching interest rates. They think only edges and creditors and “big business” can get involved. Nonsense.

If you did nothing else but use 10 minutes a day watching how U.S. Treasury bond prices move following the release of economic data, you would begin to see the answer to your prayers. Start today. Free information about the U.S. Treasury bond options market is obtainable at the Chicago Board of Trade website and at []

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