The Little Mexican Girl

The Little Mexican Girl

I’m a Little Mexican Girl

I’m a little Mexican girl

Crawling by the scrub in the desert

Escaping from government agency injustice

The very injustice she looks for every day

When she opens her door as a Mexican child

she saw it coming that bad day, una dia mal!

each day can be a bad day in Texas

con los gringos con corazones frios

with the white men with frigid hearts

for little girls who have no money, no pretty dresses,

no shoes at all, no milk no breakfast

it leaves a hole

in the heart in the morning

in front of her Texas house the sun doesn’t shine

and her father has no hope

he doesn’t have a newspaper every day like the white man

he cannot read it anyway as he doesn’t speak English

how can he find a job?

His smart little girl cannot read for him

in English and Spanish en ingles y espanol

as she hasn’t started school however

en in el the morning manana en frente de su casa house

en Texas en Tejas

la sol no brilla

the sun doesn’t shine

y su padre no tiene esperanza

her father doesn’t have hope

no tienen el periodico cada dia como los blancos

he doesn’t have a newspaper each day like the white man

no puede leer en ingles tambien como los otros hombres

he can’t read in English either like the other men

?como trabajo el?

How can he go to work?

la nina no puede leerlo por el, porque

his daughter can’t read it for him because

no esta en la escuela por/para las lecciones

en la lengua de los estados de America

A screaming male voice emerges

from an Army helicopter over my head

it is a father yelling “I AM YOUR FATHER!!”

she recognizes the voice but does not

know the man screaming at her

and hides further behind a dry Texas

tumbleweed with sharp stickers

Pulling her too-small dress down to cover up

her own privacy privacia

she knows her privacy is her own

she thinks what she is too terrified to say–

LA TENGO!! Quiero mi cuerpo que es celeste. Yo soy confidente que TENGO mas que el gringo hombre, porque mi cuerpo y alma es mia el todo es mio!) LA TENGO!!

Es Mia mio

it’s mine, estupido stupid!!

As she crawls by the dirt she looks in terror

by the infrared search light pulsing

and spreading around her child’s body

like red liquid liquida

like a wide mantle of fuschia fear

in the dark desert night

overtaking the small girl in the fast redness

encompassing her visual reality overtaking her

she lifts up her hands in a fervent child’s prayer

to the Virgin Mother Mary Guadalupe

her patron saint and friend

on many desert dog day nights

in past sufferings suferados suferidos sufridos

sufridandosos como el pasado

pasados posasa posadas

The powerful man in the sky continues

To search the desert floor once her womb

exposing the small shivering child

now a small reptile a spotted lizard blending in

and crawling away

to destiny she worries this must be destiny

but it wasn’t destiny it was just solamente the confrontation

the terrible argument with the white man el confrontacion con el gringo

with the white man

in the helicopter

that’s all it was

era todo fue todo

el gringo menaced

amenazio fue amenazando era amenazando

the gringo menaced

in the dark satanic night

It was a groping ignorance a extensive perception

that forced her

to be a maid in her worst memories

of tortilla degradation as a young (un joven una jovena)

American girl with no stereotypes allowed

because it’s against the law she knows it was

against the law to call her a maid

due to her race and reason not a brown raisin

she is never NUNCA a raisin at all

THE MAN EL HOMBRE continues torturing

CONTINUA TORTURANDO A ELLA her with his authority….

He ruins her life from the sky

and she knows it on the dirt

SU AUTORIDAD no es bueno isn’t good

already though it is es verdad ahora es

que ella no es solamente una domestica SOLAMENTE!


Solamente!!! una domestica

no es una domestica todo.

Running every day to Juarez Mexico

to get away from that big lie that cold fear that big lie

la mentira no es la razon no es la verdadero!!no es verdad!!

es un mentira it’s a lie

about her the little Mexican girl

la nina la estrellita bonita

succumbs, fainting, but people pick her up

Many hands lift her up from the ground where she had fainted in a quaking terror causing her young heart

to stop with a loss of blood sugar from fear

depleting the little girl

spiked it spike spike spiked

her heart siezes from terror

feeling like a raw crucifixion already though

she was so young and had not

breathed her last breath however

feeling the prematurely stolen breath suck out of her mouth, the little Mexican Queztochoatl child is also a serpent king.

The little girl dies

she was a king inside herself (no less than a king ) but more than a queen. She is

a lizard not a maid and she sometimes

cleans hotel rooms for food – not a burrito

but a prayer with daily hope and vision now as a small Hispanic child in the U.S.

The crowd carries her across the border

where the Rio Grande is small

and contrite in the saguaro desert night

she is reborn as a little Mexican girl no one loves

but the big man in the sky wants

the native Indian girl she is he wants her pura

Pura pura pura graca graca grace

her brown-skinned beauty and sweet little legs

he wants to restrain her foot

tie it up just like all the rest

she thinks quietly to herself and the people

in the dark satanic night join in her prayers

That is what he wants! that is what he wants!

That is what the powerful man wants

Her booty

The high man wants her booty

The little Mexican girl’s beauty

Is he the devil they ask her?

I said no he is not the devil

but he is no friend of mine

he is a man (un hombre) who does not want me

to be free except every now and then

I breathe now but I will not breathe later

with every breath I take I look ahead in fear!con miedo!

He wants to jail me between his legs again

so I can never leave never leave leave leave

the powerful white man who is black inside

not like a black man but a different kind of black

but I am finally a beautiful woman now

although the child

is nevertheless a child la nina es una nina todavia

regularly todo el tiempo una cara nina

I always knew he would come to hurt me

one day soon and I waited until this day

Part of his arm is just I had been told

but the rest is dark and ugly they said it again to me

his teeth are black and angry

he is the occult the thorough night he is Satan

they will help me, they said in the component assembly

if he approaches you in the dark lonely night

remember he is the Dark Night Satanic

not the Star of David or our Christmas Star

the small crowd warned the little Mexican girl

about the looming helicopter in the sky

that had just menaced her

He will find you little pinanita! No lo quiero!

I’m not a pinata, and he is not the occult!!

the little Mexican girl said! A visitor spoke -remember

the algorithm for the matrix

the red bandwidth

the buxom shortwave the Grundig-

the minimization realization of metaphors

Will recognize the oppressed child

it will be awhile before we can risk

the dark curtain again but we will help you-

Lining her water cups up like a gambler

on the southwestern bus depot counter

she felt anger just thinking about the theft

the little Mexican girl yells up to the bitter sky man

she yells to the doomsday pilot over her head



the violent flyer flew away with disappearing infrared

her product stolen

his waning light trailing behind him

the desert looked normal once more – like God

intended it to look – because he is gone

the crowd of people danced a jubilant

dance un jubilante baile celebrando la victori

a de la nina mexicana mixteca

her heart suddenly stopped hitting

stopped racing dangerously fast and became calm again

she realized she was safe again

Lifting her and breathing on her mouth, the people

regained her composure lifting her up to the

blue blue black night comforting sky

so she could become the leader she really is

she almost lost her place in the hierarchy

by a premature prematura death la muerte

but the people embraced the little Mexican girl

who is not ever a maid not a slave

but a king no less

y more than a queen

and held her up to the night sky cherished

While the powerful man didn’t see the beauty

of her heritage, the little Mexican girl

doesn’t care anymore about him

and laughs – ella sonrie, saying







as the helicopter recedes into the distant stars

The little Mexican girl walks away in her favorite shoes

(en sus zapatos favoritos)

relieved she is nevertheless alive

walking toward her destined destina destiny

to eat four delicious tacos

para comer quatro tacos deliciosas

because she was not ever once a maid

in her life

in the high man’s room or his bed or bathroom

of the disgraced harem

no one is a domestic there are not words

for her fear in the night

!no more!! no more!! no more!

nunca mas! Nunca mas! Nunca mas!

No more! porque la hija mexicana no es


She is a little star a yellow sun with strength and strength





Almost the End – (Casi El Fin):

when it rains it pours,

las desgracias nunca vienen solas.

The little Mexican girl has hope and courage for the difficult decade she will have. She plans to grow up and fight racial heritage discrimination, in addition as the men who fly helicopters in the desert sky over her head. Her conscience will continue to rule her to victory.



© 2009 Patricia McGurk Martin

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