The Function of Fuse Boxes

Fuse boxes serve the same purpose as circuit breaker boxes. The fuse controls the electrical current from appliances within a home. Fuse boxes are outdated by modern standards. The advantage to having circuit breakers in a home is that instead of replacing a fuse each time it is used, circuit breakers can be easily reset. It can be frustrating, expensive and time consuming to have to replace a fuse every time it is used.

According to government calculate, faulty electrical wiring each year causes approximately forty thousand house fires. Like circuit breakers, fuses are used to prevent fires and electrocutions by interrupting electrical currents in the case of a strength overload. When a fuse blows or a circuit breaker trips, it is important for you to locate the source of the problem.

One of the most shared causes of blown fuses is strength overload. for example, if you have lights that seem to stop working frequently, you may have too many items connected to a single strength source. In other situations, blown fuses may represent more serious problems. Sometimes an appliance may have a short circuit; it could already average a short circuit in the home’s internal wiring. In either case, it is best to have a specialized electrician estimate the fuse box and wiring to prevent serious house fires.

As you would in a circuit breaker panel, you should also label each fuse in the fuse box. Labeling each fuse can make it easier to replace the one in need by precisely locating the blown fuse and which appliance it serves. You can clarify a blown fuse by first turning off everything on the circuit. clarify fuses that are melted, cracked or have frayed wires. When replacing a fuse, keep everything turned off to prevent electrocution.

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