The Basic signs Used in Magick and Summoning Spirits or Entities

The Basic signs Used in Magick and Summoning Spirits or Entities

This is a quick overview of the signs used in magick, these are only the basic few as the number of signs and meanings is almost infinite. There are however many books obtainable on the subject. What I present before you here today is to give the beginner a place to start in understanding the symbolism used in magick and its purpose. I also include a fleeting meditation as a bonus for anyone interested in advancing his or her trance or meditative state.

the time of action is probably the oldest known symbol, ever since some one looked up at the sun and decided to draw it in the dirt with a stick in one motion. the time of action represents the feminine energy in the Hindu, Buddhist and many other cultures. It is a representation of border. It also method cycle or completion, creation and manifestation. It represents the infinite is sometimes drawn as the Orebros.

Circum Pomatum

The Circum Punctum, a prehistoric symbol is a dot within a course of action. This symbol represents consciousness, the universal in addition as your own. In Native American culture this represents spirit. In Kabala it is Keter the most hidden of all hidden things, it is the crown of the Sephirot (spheres) of the tree of life. In Freemasonry it is the symbol of the entered Apprentice and emotional restraint. In Alchemy this symbol represents gold and the sun. In many cultures this is a symbol for the sun and solar deity.

It is ultimately the symbol for creation the dot in the center is the source of the entirety the time of action outside is the expansion of growth. This is a mirror of the origin of the universe and our own development spiritually. The Hindus believe the dot is the masculine energy and this symbol is the unity of opposites male/female and sexual union. The alchemical symbol for gold the alchemical hermaphrodite, union of polar opposites, coincidence? Not in Magick.

The Solar Cross

Another prehistoric symbol is the Solar Cross. This symbol also Seems to be across Many cultures without exception. It Represents the spirits of the four corners, the four phases of the year, the four elements, The Equinox and the solstice. The symbol maintains its meanings across all cultures that use it.

The vertical line represents the masculine it also represents the axis mundi that the constellations revolve around. The connection between human and divine celestial and terrestrial.

The Horizontal line represents the feminine, Time (beginning to end) birth to death.

course of action Divided Horizontally: In the Greek alphabet this represents the letter theta. In Alchemy this represents salt and material existence. Represented the sun in Chineese calligraphy. A more modern meaning is (STOP). This is a symbol for absolute time.

course of action Divided Vertically: This is the Alchemical symbol for Saltpeter. It represents the back and forth between spiritual planes.

The Triangle

The Simple Triangle another ancient symbol representing any kind of trinity (Isis, Osiris, and Horus) Pointing up its male (fire)(force rising upward)pointing down female (water)(flowing down). Symbolizes the spirit world, manifestation, stability, the union of male and female to make a new thing like the symbol of the right triangle. The sum of the squares of the legs is equal to the square of the hypotenuse. The
Triangle of the Divine Child

The Square

The square represents the four stages of life, birth, childhood, maturity, and death. The square also symbolizes just about everything you can group into fours. Elements, directions, seasons, etc. It represents the long-lasting, home, organization, security, and equality. The grounding of energy or a place to ground energy.

The Pentagram

The golden ratio, φ = (1 + √5) / 2 ≈ 1.618 the path of the planet Venus as observed from Earth is called the Venus pentagram. It represents the five corners where the seeds of Chronos are placed in the earth so it represents the cosmos, time and manifestation.

The five dimensions of reality the 3 spatial time, and thought. The five platonic elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether. It represents the ascent of spirit from matter. We will use the pentagram clockwise to send energy out into the universe during ritual and counter clockwise to remove energy or spirits.

An inverted pentagram represents the descent of spirit into matter according to Crowley. Although some have given it an evil connotation such as the triumph of matter over spirit. From Eliphas Levi. We will use the inverted pentagram drawn counter clockwise for banishing spirits forcefully. We will use the inverted pentagram clockwise for the purposes of invocation and evocation.

The Hexagram

The six point star the hexagram – It is the symbol for the theosophical society. Known as the Talisman of Saturn, again we see the union of opposites as the two triangles come together. Also a symbol for summoning and banishing spirits. All the angles are 60 degrees to make up 180 in each. All the angles divide into a complete course of action (360 degrees) 6 times.

Chronos the Greek god of time, who is the offspring of Uranus and Gaia, is associated with the planet Saturn and in the Rosicrucian system the star represents the planets 6 in the angles and the 7th in the center or eye.

I now include the meditation as a bonus to this article:

This is a meditation I gave to a friend to try out. It works well for me, it could for you too.

Close your eyes and Imagine yourself floating in space you see all the stars and the earth spinning in front of you then the moon comes passing by on its orbit as the sun peeks around the earth to start the day.

You feel the warm rays penetrate the top of your head, warming relaxing and tingling slightly. The rays slowly crawl down your head relaxing all the muscles in your jaw and neck, then the rays wash over your shoulders and down your back and over your chest.

The warm calming rays dull all pain and relax all tension causing your body to release finally, all the stresses that had built up over the years making you feel free and released from all burden.

The rays move down your abdomen and by your lower back releasing all the tension and turning gelatinous, then the pelvis, the thighs, over the knees down the shins and calves releasing all the tension in the ankles turning the ankles to rubber. you feel your whole body start to slowly become liquid. the liquid drifts apart all your molecules start to separate and drift apart.

You feel the suns warm rays evaporating the water that used to be your body. you start to dissipate and all thats left is your consciousness floating in space. then say to yourself I am now in a thorough meditative state where I can effectively work on a psychic and astral level all I have to do to get back to this level is to imagine the warm sun evaporating me into space.

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