Tapping Into The Singapore Organic Food Market

Tapping Into The Singapore Organic Food Market

The market climate of organic food in Singapore is growing by leaps and bounds every year with the growing onset of the awareness of healthy eating. If you are a new distributor who is looking to expand your reach of organic food into the South East Asia vicinity, Singapore is a great starting point. This article highlights some of the ways in which a new distributor can follow to tap into this emerging however important market.

One of the first things that should be done by a new distributor is substantial ground work. By physically visiting Singapore and getting to know the market is a a crucial point in knowing more about the general viewpoints and outlook on organic food in Singapore. Also, connections is important for the widest dispensing of your organic products. Building strong relationships with possible local distributors is highly advantageous for your business. You can also participate in International Food Fares that are regularly held in Singapore to learn more about the market and people’s reaction to organic food.

As a new distributor for your organic products in Singapore, you should also aim for the widest dispensing methods obtainable. One good way to ensure that your organic products get the widest reach in Singapore would be to work with and appoint local agents to help spread your organic products. Although Singapore is reputed to be a country where business dealings function like clock-work, these local distributors have tacit knowledge about the implicit working ecosystem in Singapore and would no doubt, guarantee that your organic products gets distributed faster one way or another.

Organic food in Singapore has a small albeit loyal following. It is because of this, traditional organic suppliers in Singapore have always kept the prices high in order to compensate for the short shelf life and the small niche crowd. This always turns away a lot of first time buyers who wants to try organic food in Singapore but are deterred by the high price of organic foodstuff. To increase your market proportion, a good strategy is to price your organic food in Singapore competitively. A good gauge for a competitively pricing of Singapore organic food would be at 50 percent or less compared to the price of traditional, non-organic food.

Although price is a major factor for attracting new customers into trying and consuming organic food, another strategy would be the differentiation of your products. By using smaller packaging sizes in addition as attractive packaging covers, you stimulate and attract attention to your product. In addition to that, you can also state and explain the benefits of your organic products to the consumers. Why smaller packaging sizes ? Small packaging sizes subtly encourages first time consumers to pick your product up and try it. To further encourage consumers to continue buying organic foodstuff, you can include recipes or instructions on how to consume the particular organic food that they are buying.

In conclusion, organic food in Singapore is a growing trend and will continue to do so as people get more educated about how their choices of food affect their health of not only themselves, but their families. This would average a continuously growing market for any organic importers and distributors. By tapping on this growing market, the new distributor may already gain a large new entrant foot keep up in the lucrative South-East Asia market.

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