Survey QA Wizard System PHP

Survey QA Wizard System PHP


Survey QA Wizard System PHP Script – PHP Online Survey

This application is built up around the CodeIgniter framework. This framework is freely obtainable on the internet and documentation for using the source code can be established on their website: CodeIgniter is a PHP Framework written in MVC (form-view-controller) format which allows developers to create applications that are structured in a very clean and efficient way.

PHP Script Poll and Survey Online


1. Admin manager survey

2. Guest, Member Survey

3. Report Survey


– PHP >= 5.4

– MySQL .= 5.x


  1. Application Structure
  2. Setup And Installation
  3. Where Everything Is
  4. Admin Panel
  5. Creating A Survey
  6. Adding Questions
  7. Edit Surveys
  8. View Responses
  9. View Stats
  10. Viewing Surveys
  11. Modifying HTML & CSS
  12. Languages

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