Steps for Selling Tanning Lotions in Your Salon

Establish a good ecosystem

Establishing an ecosystem with the right products and employees are imperative to running a well-established salon. Having a well-established salon will give your customers a great experience and have them “spreading the information.” Also, having more customers method more sales. The survival and profit of every salon boils down to product sales not service sales. The sets will pay for necessary needs such as lamp changes and electricity bills, but lotion sales are where the money’s at. Carry products related to the indoor tanning course of action ONLY. I have seen so many salons carrying things they think relate to the business but really don’t (like bathing suits, flip flops, etc.). Not only does this bring the focus off of your tanning lotions, but you’re reminding them of the beach (your competitor). I have walked into too many salons with a bunch of bathing suits 70% off because they just wouldn’t sell! Instead, carry a selection of multiple types of lotions, lotions for every skin kind and every preference. Also, include specialty products that tanners can use while receiving sessions.

Another important part of establishing a good ecosystem is selecting the correct employees. Customers will keep coming back if their experience is great, and this experience includes the interaction with your employees. Be careful who you hire and make sure they are right for the job. They must be very personable with the customers and provide a clean place for tanners. When you find a good employee, do in any case you can to keep them because they are hard to find! Employees are so important because they are the ones controlling the sales and YOUR earnings.

Create a rapport with customers

The meaningful to selling lotions to your customers is creating a relationship with them. By creating a rapport, you and your customers will feel open to ask questions. First, you must remember that you cannot sell without communication! Before you and your employees just meaningful clients into the computer and check for their eyewear, ask them questions. Start with simple questions such as, “What kind of lotion are you using today?” and “How do you like the lotion your using?” Be prepared to respond to different answers. They will not tell you exactly what they want the first time you ask them a question, but when they are coming in often, soon you will know why they are tanning and what kind of tan they are trying to unprotected to. With this information you can continue by suggesting products that are right for them. There are different lotions for different people, and it is you and your employee’s job to find out what they are looking for.

Know your lotions

Once you have produced that rapport, it is time to sell. First, you want to educate your customers on the importance of high-end tanning products. Ask the customer what kind of lotion they are looking for and listen to their needs. Suggest the product right for them and explain to them the features and benefits of that product. To be able to all this, you and your employees should be thoroughly trained on every lotion you carry. Most companies come out with training videos which are easy to reach online, check with your distributor. Having sales meetings and watching these videos will keep your business one step ahead of the game. Role-play with your employees on down time and give them realistic situations that could occur. The more they practice, the more comfortable they will feel when the situation truly occurs. Finally, know which lotions sell and which don’t. Have specials on products that don’t do in addition and introduce newer, more popular ones frequently. The tanning industry is ever changing with the introduction of newer products and more progressive technology; consequently, the companies that can keep their shelves & knowledge up-to-date will not be left behind.

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