Spiritual Topics Like Astrology As Credible As Modern Science

Spiritual Topics Like Astrology As Credible As Modern Science

The Science Council defines science as the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a methodic methodology based on evidence. Scientific methodology includes the following: objective observation; measurement and data (possibly although not necessarily using mathematics as a tool); evidence; experiment and/or observation as benchmarks for testing hypotheses; induction; reasoning to establish general rules or conclusions drawn from facts or examples; repetition; basic examination; verification and testing; basic exposure to scrutiny–peer review and assessment.

Critics label the mystical sciences as non-science based stuff that has no supporting evidence since you wont find it in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Our viewpoint that astrology, reincarnation, psychic work, and other metaphysical disciplines are just as valid as traditional science such as biology, is controversial, already though these fields of study include all parts of the scientific method (besides peer review) outlined above.

Critics dismiss past lives, but Extensive Near Death Experience scientific research supports the theory of reincarnation.

The astrology my-science-is-science-and-yours-isnt skeptics laugh at the idea of it, but time and time again, are only acquainted with modern Sun sign astrology, horoscopes, and other unimportant forms of astrology. Its not very scientific to claim to have invalidated a body of work without first examining that body of work. complicate patterns in ancient astrology and numerology allow for pattern recognition, the foundation of predictive astrology; these disciplines are less indistinct as sciences than cynics believe because they deliver exact patterns based on the energies associated with the location, time, and date of birth.

The intuitive mind is a holy gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have produced a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
–Albert Einstein

One who scorns the strength of intuition will never rise above the ranks of journeyman calculator.
–Albert Einstein

But instinct is something which transcends knowledge. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers that permit us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other willful effort of the brain, is futile.
–Nikola Tesla

shared sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.
–Albert Einstein

Learning many things does not teach understanding.

The mainstream scientific approach has serious defects. James Delingpole outlines the failure of peer review: … Peer review is the benchmark by which most new scientific research tends to be judged. If that research is to be taken seriously by the scientific community then it must be accepted for publication by one of a fairly small number of academic or quasi-academic journals, such as character, Science and Scientific American. Peer review is not a perfect system. In the golden era of Twentieth century science it wasnt already thought necessary: neither Watson & Crick nor Einstein were peer reviewed. But in todays abstruse, fragmented world where the various branches of science have grown increasingly recondite and specialized, peer-review has become widely accepted as the least worst method by which quality science can be sifted from junk science… What we see happening is the decline of peer review into something more akin to pal review.

The crisis of modern science is horrific, evidenced by 157 peer reviews failing to catch a fake cancer study.

… Many studies have shown that peer review does not enhance the quality of scientific papers. Scientists themselves know it doesnt work. however the public nevertheless regards it as a sign of quality, and says, This paper was peer-reviewed, or this paper was not peer-reviewed, as if that meant something. It doesnt. Science is as corruptible a human activity as any other. Its practitioners arent saints, theyre human beings, and they do what human beings do-lie, cheat, steal… sue, hide date, fake data, overstate their own importance, and denigrate opposing views unfairly. Thats human character. It isnt going to change.
–Michael Crichton, Next

The glaring flaws in modern science are illustrated further by the accepted norm regarding the true history of civilization on planet Earth, despite evidence to the contrary; ancient history might be far different than what mainstream archeologists accept as truth.

What we know is a drop, what we dont know is an ocean.
― Isaac Newton

Certainly there are things worth believing. I believe in the brotherhood of man and the uniqueness of the individual. But if you ask me to prove what I believe, I cant. You know them to be true but you could use a whole lifetime without being able to prove them. The mind can proceed only so far upon what it knows and can prove. There comes a point where the mind takes a jump-call it intuition or what you will-and comes out upon a higher plane of knowledge, but can never prove how it got there. All great discoveries have involved such a jump.
–Albert Einstein

Psychology is overlooked as a hard science because clear consensus on many areas within the field doesnt exist, according to skeptics. So it may not be considered a real science, but surely it has credibility. Few objective people would deny the concepts of emotional repression or projection, for example.

The heard mentality in the traditional science world silences many, but not all, as evidenced by the quote below.

The reason they dont pay attention to it (astrology) is that it would embarrass them in front of their colleagues. Theres no proven body of facts… that says human behavior does not contain elements that are related to planetary patterns at the time of birth. Instead, theres a general and arrogant understanding among social science professionals that folklore, like astrology, is for simpletons. Without doing any simple experiments to test some of the tenets of astrology, it has been completely ignored by psychologists in the last two centuries… Most of them are under the false impression that it is non-scientific and not a fit subject for their serious study. They are dead wrong. Whether or not the present-day practitioners of astrology are using scientific methods has no direct bearing on whether the body of knowledge they use is true and valid.
–Dr. Kary edges Mullis, Nobel-Prize winning scientist

We encourage you to keep an open mind toward unconventional thought, such as the mystical sciences of astrology and numerology, along with psychic work and reincarnation because an open mind, with a healthy sense of discernment, is vital to making the most of your life.

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