Should You Quit Your Day Job to Blog?

Yes, if you love what you are doing passionately and genuinely want to get on with it. There are many reasons why a writer should follow her/his dream and bog away.

1. The Internet presents a golden opportunity to express yourself in unheard of ways without the editorial straitjacket of someone else’s idea of what you should write or already how you should write it. You also have an moment global audience, especially one which is likely to be interested in your subject matter and specific skill. An audience which is guaranteed to grow as they get used to your subject, bookmark your page and pass on your items to others.

2. There are thousands of ezines hungry for content which will help to give you valuable publicity in the early days when the money will be tight but there are also paying sites like continued Content, Helium and Associated Content that can slowly build the income while you hone your craft and take advantage of every writing opportunity. Don’t worry about the quality of that content at the beginning. It will certainly enhance as you grow in experience and confidence. There are enough successful, expert writers around to inspire you.

Build your own website

3. For those more technology savvy, building your own website, which is then stuffed complete of your articles and with paying Google AdSense to sustain them, is the best move because the more traffic you have coming to that website to click your adverts, the more money you’re certainly going to make – and it will be all yours. You can already sell the articles individually once you have written a few and built up a catalogue.

4. Writing is an ideal way to proportion your knowledge, build your reputation and enhance your writing skills all at the same time. By concentrating on your writing, you will increase your market, your revenue and your possible much quicker than trying to do it from the sidelines. It will take some hard work, but so does everything worthwhile in life.

5. There is nothing to beat the glow of satisfaction when you see that first stream of money coming in to reward that effort. Nothing at all!

Personal success

I feel highly qualified to write this article today because in late January I joined both Ezine and Helium with great expectations. With Ezine, I was able to build up both my audience and my articles quickly, then transferred some of them to a different audience on Helium (a paid site) mid-February. However, I laughed out loudly in some derision when I saw the first 2 cents earned by my articles 7 days later, especially as we deal in pounds in Britain, which are currently worth twice the dollars. I promised myself not to leave my day job in a hurry to get my cents. I worked out that, at this rate, I would hit the first $25 pay day some time in mid-2010!

In February I made 80 cents, March it was $1.20 and April saw it rise little by little to $2.13, nevertheless low but a definite increase. I suddenly saw the possible and what was possible when I hit the end of May and $10 registered on my screen. I could not believe that 2 cents could turn into $10 so quickly. Excitement began to crawl in, especially when Helium changed the presentation and objectives of its site, and I took it seriously and began to write more earnestly. I was also little by little working out what earned and what didn’t. My own craft was improving.

Red letter day!

On 9th June, at 3.30 am, I was mesmerised in front of my screen as the money slowly changed to $25.01, my FIRST eligible payment from Helium, and THREE YEARS early! Not only that, but it also registered $12 for the first week of June, more than I earned for the whole of May. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was an awesome moment mainly because of the sheer possible for what is possible at this rate. I had gone from earning two and a half cents per day in February to $1.46 cents per day in June. From $25 acorns I already see myself as the first British Helium millionaire writer. The cynics might scoff, but after the last three months, I believe anything is possible and have my own targets for the rest of the year. So watch this space closely!

The final thing you need in order to leave your day job to blog is clearly the self-belief, confidence and faith that you can do it and make it work. Believe me, you really will move mountains with such an attitude. You have to forget thoughts of mortgage or any negative financial burdens when you start because you need to think SUCCESS every step of the way to come out fighting. It will be a little hard at first in the early months, and you might already doubt your rash decision to leave your cosy nest, but, like me this morning, the moment of realisation that you are truly on your way will be simply magical!

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