Should Police Be Patrolling Or Setting Up DUI Check Points?

Everybody hates driving late at night and falling into a DUI check point. If you are one of those lucky few that is just coming home from work and have not been drinking you will most likely not worry too much about it but if you have been out already for a few glasses of wine chances are you already have beads of sweat rolling down your forehead.

Driving under influence checkpoints have been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. Many people feel they are take advantage and prey on drivers and others feel that they are great and they remove drunk drivers from the streets. What many people don’t realize is that these DUI check points are usually announced and can be avoided but many don’t tap into the free resources around them to find out. There are many different thoughts on this topic. Is it fair to pull over every driver? Often times you might get a police officer just looking for a reason to put someone in handcuffs. They usually do DUI check points late at night and most of the time they start around midnight so if you have a 9-5 day job and you go and get a glass of wine with a co-worker after work you will most likely avoid falling prey to the DUI check point trap.

Many people feel that it pulls police officers away from patrolling and truly looking for drunken driving behavior. The DUI check point only covers one street and there could be many other drunk drivers driving around avoiding the check point that night. Driving under influence check points do however generate great revenue for the town. It is not uncommon to arrest 30 or 40 drivers in one night, sometimes already more depending on how busy of an area it is. This alone could generate substantial revenue for that police department once everything is said and done. Not that the police departments are doing this for financial reasons but with many states and towns under budget it is possible we might all see an arrival in the DUI check points as more and more cities and towns experience budget cuts and layoffs. Do DUI check points cause police officers to look additional hard for faults in drivers? What happens to the rest of the town on that particular night when many troops will be positioned at the DUI check point? Many cities have fewer troops on at night and this could create spikes of crime around other parts of the city. Currently about 40 U.S states utilize sobriety check points and 10 do not. I am sure that those states will more than likely start implementing Dui check point into their plan for cleaning up the streets and removing all drunk drivers.

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