Sharing My Wife With Another Man – Advice to Help You Do it Right!

I have been a dating and relationship coach for more than a decade now. One phrase I hear a lot is “I’d like to know more about sharing my wife with another man.” I will give you the same advice I give when I get asked that question. Introducing another man into the sexual relationship you have with your wife can be a good idea. It can reignite the sexual passion between you and your wife. It can provide you pleasures that were unmet before engaging in sexual threesomes.

It can also be a bad idea. You may become upset that your wife seems to origin more pleasure from this man than you. A bond may form between him and your wife which could spell the end of your relationship with her and the beginning for him.

What you must do to give your intended threesome the best chance of success is find the “right kind” of men. And notice I wrote “men” and not “man”. You should never meet with the same man more than once. Doing so may rule to bonds developing between him and your wife.

You should create a dating profile for you and your wife on an adult dating site. Be sure to list yourself as a “associate” because this will allow men who want couples to easily find you when doing searches. On these sites, when you conduct a search, you can usually look for single men who are seeking couples.

The best kind of men to choose are those who live out of town but are, of course, willing to excursion for a meeting. Generally speaking, younger men tend to be best; they usually want to steer clear of relationships, preferring casual encounters and fun to anything remotely serious.

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