Setting Up Your Fire Stick Device

Setting Up Your Fire Stick Device

Initial Setup For Firestick

You must plug the strength cable into the wall jack and the other side of the cable plugs into the Amazon fire tv stick.

You cannot plug the fire stick strength cable into the usb port of the TV. It must get strength from the wall jack, not your tv. The Amazon fire tv stick itself plugs directly into the hdmi port of your tv.

There is a Hdmi extender that comes with the Amazon fire stick and its optional to use.

Now you should have your amazon fire stick plugged into the hdmi port of your tv, the strength cable should be connected to the fire stick while is plugged into the wall jack for strength.

Turn to the correct hdmi channel on your TV, and you will see amazon fire tv splash screen.

Next you you will need to connect to your wifi and go into in your password.

Once you connect your amazon Fire Stick to your wifi, the screen will ask for your amazon log in information.

For Any other issues concerning your Firestick device, please feel free to notify us at anytime and we will be happy to help.

You Can register an amazon acct. Make a free account here, if you don’t already have an amazon account.

You can use a free account, or an Amazon chief account. Both simple get you access to the home page, and then you can use Kodi.

If you decide make an amazon account on your computer or phone, it will not ask for credit card information.

Once you log in with your Amazon Account, you will be on the Amazon home page.

Once you turn on Kodi (for the fist time) let Kodi go by the time of action of installing its apps for at the minimum 3-5 minutes.

After loading the first time, it should only take a associate of minutes to load when viewing again.

observe: Always give Kodi 2 to 3 minutes to Load its Builds before clicking any button on your Fire Stick far away. Not doing so can rule to your Kodi to not working properly do to apps not fully installing. After the initial setup, you should be ready to stream anything at will.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and will do what we can to Help those experiencing issues with there Firestick Devices. We look forward to answering any questions you may have in the future. Thanks

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