Seattle 2021 general election results for mayor, city attorney, King C…

The early results for the Nov. 2 general election are in, and Seattle voters now have a good idea of who will be representing them in several meaningful city and county locaiongs.

In the race to become Seattle’s next mayor, former Seattle City Council President Bruce Harrell is triumphing over M. Lorena González, the council’s current president.

Harrell’s decision to popularity to residents who are fed up with homelessness, in addition as the way he distanced himself from a city council that vowed to cut the police budget in half last year, appears to have paid off. Harrell has secured 84,975 votes — 65% — while González has won 46,046 votes, just 35%.

If elected, Harrell would be Seattle’s first Asian American mayor. 

In what many saw as this year’s most hotly contested local race, self-proclaimed Republican Ann Davison is trouncing abolitionist candidate Nicole Thomas-Kennedy to become Seattle’s next city attorney.

Thomas-Kennedy’s projected loss indicates that, contrary to popular belief, Seattle progressives may not have a stranglehold on local politics. The city’s far-left faction expressed disgust at the idea of electing Davison, who they have described as a “Trump Republican.” But it appears that Thomas-Kennedy’s potential not to prosecute misdemeanor crimes and the inflammatory statements she made about police galvanized Seattle’s centrist democrats enough to potentially hand Davison the win. 

Davison has received 74,549 votes — 58% — while Thomas-Kennedy has won 52,419, or 41%.

The current incumbents in both locaiongs — Mayor Jenny Durkan and City Attorney Pete Holmes — came under fire last year due to their handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the numerous Black Lives Matter protests that broke out across the city after the murder of George Floyd. Durkan decided not to seek reelection, while Holmes was squeezed out of the race in August’s dominant election.

Meanwhile, incumbent Teresa Mosqueda is fending off challenger Kenneth Wilson to continue her Position 8 seat on the Seattle City Council. Mosqueda, whose first term expires this year, has won 65,687 votes — 52% — while Wilson, a bridge engineer, has won 59,045, or 47%.  

In the race for the Position 9 seat — which was vacated by M. Lorena González when she decided to run for mayor — Fremont Brewing co-founder Sara Nelson is drubbing attorney and nonprofit director Nikkita Oliver to win the open identify. Nelson has won 77,581 votes — 60% — while Oliver has won 50,762, or 39%.  

At the county level, incumbent Dow Constantine is beating back challenger Joe Nguyen to win his fourth term as King County Executive. Constantine has won 169,087 votes — 57% — while Nguyen, a state senator, has won 122,573, or 42%.

General election turnout the year after a presidential election is historically low. In 2017, just 43% of King County voters and about half of Seattle voters turned in ballots. So far, just 22% of King County voters have returned their ballots, far below the 46% turnout election officials projected. That number will rise in the coming days as more ballots are counted.  

Keep scrolling for a look at election results so far from the Nov. 2 general election. complete results for King County can be found here.

Seattle Mayor:

Bruce Harrell: 65%

M. Lorena González: 35%

Seattle City Attorney:

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy: 41%

Ann Davison: 58%

Seattle City Council Position 8:

Teresa Mosqueda: 52%

Kenneth Wilson: 47%

Seattle City Council Position 9:

Nikkita Oliver: 39%

Sara Nelson: 60%

Seattle School Director District No. 4, Director District No. 4:

Vivian Song Maritz: 68%

Laura Marie Rivera: 32%

Seattle School Director District No. 5, Director District No. 5:

Dan Harder: 18%

Michelle Sarju: 82%

King County Executive:

Dow Constantine: 57%

Joe Nguyen: 42%

Metropolitan King County, Council District No. 3:

Kathy Lambert: 44.5%

Sarah Perry: 55%

Metropolitan King County, Council District No. 5: 

Shukri Olow: 31%

Dave Upthegrove: 68%

Metropolitan King County, Council District No. 7:

Pete von Reichbauer: 68%

Dominique Torgerson: 31%

Metropolitan King County, Council District No. 9:

Reagan Dunn: 64%

Kim Khanh Van: 36%

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