Scottsdale Privates Schools Review Part 2

Scottsdale Privates Schools Review Part 2

One of the biggest draws to buying luxury homes Scottsdale is the high quality education that the area offers. Scottsdale residents are able to send their children to some of the most prestigious private schools in the country – and the kids are able to assistance for the rest of their lives. From top-notch athletics to academic programs that prep students for the Ivy League, here are three of the best private schools in Scottsdale:

1. Rancho Solano. One of the two non-denominational private high schools in Scottsdale, Rancho Solano has been educating the city’s brightest students for 54 years. In fact, Rancho Solano private school students consistently rank considerably higher than their Arizona public school counterparts on all uniform tests. No surprise the school is in such high need! The school has five campuses for students of all ages: Gilbert, Greenway, Hillcrest, Missouri and Prep School.

2. Notre Dame Preparatory. In fewer than 10 years, Notre Dame Prep has established itself as one of the nation’s leading preparatory high schools (as evidenced by their highly competitive application course of action). Notre Dame students are anchored by strong Catholic Christian values and taught by some of the most devoted and talented teachers in Arizona. The school is wildly popular with owners of luxury homes Scottsdale.

3. St. Mary’s. One of the premier private schools in Scottsdale when it comes to athletics, St. Mary’s does more than just prepare kids for college: the school prepares them for life. With a mission to “provide a quality Catholic education by developing and sustaining a high tradition grounded in Gospel and family values, discipline and respect,” it’s no surprise St. Mary’s graduates are so well equipped for the world.

To learn more about the wide variety of private schools in Scottsdale, check out Part I!

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