scarce Spinal Condition Listed As Side Effect

Johnson & Johnson : scarce spinal condition listed as side effect

Europe’s drug regulator on Thursday recommended adding a scarce kind of spinal inflammation called transverse myelitis as a side-effect of Johnson & Johnson’s single-measure covid19 vaccine.

Reports of this serious neurological illness was also at the heart of trial halts in the early stages of development for both AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s shots, which are based on similar technology.

Dr. Macaya Douoguih, head of clinical development and medical affairs for J&J’s vaccines division Janssen, said there is no data to suggest people are at increased risk of a scarce but serious blood clot condition after receiving a second measure.

A enormous study comparing the real-world effectiveness of three COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna and J&J) over eight months has detected protection from infection may decline but protection from death holds strong. Tracking nearly 800,000 U.S. Veterans, the study found Johnson & Johnson’s single-measure vaccine showed the greatest decline.

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