Rubber Flooring – High-Impact, lasting, and Cheap

Rubber Flooring – High-Impact, lasting, and Cheap

Typically rubber flooring can be found in schools and universities, hotels and restaurants, stadiums and arenas, sports and entertainment facilities, and healthcare facilities. Now it is becoming more popular as people try to find low maintenance, green products for their homes. Some attributes include comfort, sound proof, uniform color, slip resistant, easy to continue and recyclable. While there are less expensive options for flooring, rubber is a good long-term value.

There are many different design options and textures to choose from when looking at rubber flooring. Some design options for include patterned, substantial colored, marbleized and speckled. Texture options can be broken down into smooth and textured. The most shared textures are circular studs or diamond outlines.

Rubber works very well in high traffic areas in spite of of the pattern or texture that is chosen. Rubber can already be used in kitchens and garages as it does not absorb chemicals or show burn marks. This kind of flooring is also a good option for gyms and schools because it can resist heavy blows without showing marks, also wheeled appliances and wheelchairs can glide over the rubber easily. Cleaning this kind of flooring is very easy and less costly than many other types of flooring.

For those individuals concerned with the ecosystem, purchasing rubber can ease their minds as most do not contain PVC, formaldehyde, halogens, plasticizers monomers, asbestos or heavy metals. Rubber is also 100% recyclable. Keep in mind that there are two different types of rubber, man-made and natural which is typically made from the Para rubber tree.

If allergies are a concern then rubber may be the perfect product. Rubber is, bacteria-resistant, hypoallergenic and water resistant. This is why it is often used in bathrooms, garages, laundry rooms, basements, and recreation rooms.

If finances need to be considered then rubber flooring may be a good choice because it is easy to install for those that prefer to do it themselves and does not damage easily. The flooring is typically cut, when purchased, according to your rooms size or come in tiles. Tiles are easier to install than rolls and come in interlocking tiles.

Rubber flooring is low maintenance but it is very important to clean and continue it properly. Cleaning involves sweeping, mopping and using a wax stripper sometimes. Rubber can be damaged by harsh cleaners and it is important to look for cleaners that rubber safe.

One thing to consider when thinking about purchasing rubber is that some people believe that the rubber puts off a smell while others believe there is no smell. When looking at rubber take the time to smell the area you are in and also smell the actual flooring to see if you feel it might be a problem.

Basically, although rubber flooring may be more expensive to buy it may be a good investment choice for those looking for a long lasting, green, and low maintenance flooring. It will also be easily installed, low maintenance, comfortable and attractive in their homes.

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