Roaming ’round

Roaming ’round

Not all things that are broken should be fixed.

Yes, for brokenness is a wonderful experience. Oh, don’t make your eyebrow higher than your moral. For no one has the right to fix something; need not bother, will you?

Let the one having such brokenness be the one to heal him/her-self. Let time heals the broken ego, spirit or what. Don’t ever bother to say a piece of your mind, for no one has the right to, unless you’re the one experiencing. Suffer if you must, and feel all the pain.

Yes, test your strength and grit and all. For the only way knowing your inner strength is by your own undoing. Peeling banana is exposing the inside to the elements before you could eat such a kind of fruit..

Liken to our ego, when exposed to failure, judgment and all… either we close our shell and hide, or confront the elements and see our inner strength.

To resist the test of fate, one must muster his/her strength within. by the peeling off outer layers, we tend to become unprotected. and this vulnerability is a chance to know what kind of stuff are we made of. What strength has been inside us which could have been the reason why despite all the odds, we nevertheless keep calm, prudent and reflective.

Yes, inner strength can be had once we knew the essence of brokenness. That feeling of nothing to keep up on to, just like being submerged in the ocean sans the skill to swim to the shore, much less getting afloat.

This wonderful feeling of being unprotected… could be a revelation of your hidden strength. To get embarrassed of something, say a skeleton in your closet has been exposed!

Well, you don’t have to cower in fear. You just need to confront the music. And from there see how your sanity be intact, sans making any attempt to take flight or fight back.

Yes, letting brokenness sometimes is the only way to determine your strength. The strength staying calm, sane and grateful for having the chance knowing yourself better. What kind of stuff are you made of?

Well, let your brokenness be exposed to the elements, and from there, you could gauge your own strength to resist the storms of life!

Yes, your conscience is there to guide you.

Your ego is there to gate-keep.

What kind of outside interference are you allowing to bother you? To what extent your patience be stretched out, and nevertheless you keep calm and sane and sound?

All of these things could be a journey, complete of wisdom and could empower you more… to be more, do more.. a powerhouse of energy to start all over again, to be reborn like a phoenix from the ashes… We die every minute, when we allow ourselves to grow and glow. Dying is not bad, if we just see the wisdom behind. So am dying every minute, yes, when such is the end of something unhealthy, immoral or what… already the simple censoring of your thoughts, particularly negative one, is a bliss… a death of negative vibration and should be change into something positive, an uplifting spirit of self-love, respect and compassion.

Yes, brokenness is a springboard to more satisfying feeling of having discovered inner strength to survive the embarrassment, the failure getting one wish, already the journey is a long whole stretch of Boracay beach line, where your foot get swollen before you could reach the other end.

Oh, how fun this wandering mind activity of mine is. A writer is liken to vaquero, letting the carabao or cow’s leash in its entirety sans limiting letting the animal to roam around, getting more grass to eat and covering a wider space to move around. Had the leash free of restriction!

Yes, a post is important, but letting loose is wonderful experience, already just few moments and see what you have covered, get the gems and throw the chaff. er better however. repurpose the chaff into something, for who knows, what it could become especially when being held by a creative mind. Limit not your chances, let brokennes be a door to more opportunities discovering what’s inside and be amazed.

Yes, there is always a surprise behind every closed doors. Don’t be afraid to push it open or pull it close later.

Brokenness is a door. Open it and see what’s inside. Then close when you have discovered, a thing or two, unrevealed.

A wisdom-complete writing exercise in the wee hour, while they are asleep — and am wide – awake.

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