Review of Bluehost

Review of Bluehost

While there are many quality hosting providers in the industry, there are a few that have carved a well-deserved niche for themselves not just because of aggressive advertising but by offering superior hosting products and sets at competitive pricing structures. One such web hosting provider is called Bluehost that has a lot to offer for people looking for an all-inclusive hosting package. Bluehost is better referred to as budget hosting at its best without having to compromise on quality, features and reliability.

It is always a good idea to preset a monthly hosting budget and estimate your hosting requirements before you select their hosting package. Study their website thoroughly before you decide on your hosting package. The other good thing that we liked about Bluehost is that the company offers a toll free number and a 24/7 customer sustain. The best part however is that the customer gets live help from a live person and this kind of sustain is any preferable to the email sustain system which may require a longer response time.

move clients or new clients also get $50 worth of Yahoo! Credit and $25 worth of Google credit, completely free of cost. Unlike other web hosts, the company also offers free blog, free chat, free e-commerce/cart in addition as a free board. These kind of start up bonuses are hard to find and given the history and positive reviews of the company, customers would not be regretting their decision.

Well, there s nevertheless more good news for people looking for the perfect quality budget hosting company. Bluehost also offers a free domain name to a new customer which in fact is a very attractive deal. Most people are required to buy a domain name separately which could turn out to be an expensive proposition. It is also important to read the companys Service Agreement in its entirety and detect any kind of gaps that may not be displayed on their website. This would avoid any kind of inconvenience and you would know exactly what you are getting into. Whats more? The company also offers a free website set up and an amazing sustain system. All this and much more is priced only at $6.95 per month. So be assured that with Bluehost, you just cannot go wrong.

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