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There are thousands of realtors in the state of Nevada, but few can compare with the experience and results of Eric Gorton. Consistently landing in the top 1% of agents in the vicinity, Eric Gorton knows how to close sales. However, he didn’t find success as a real estate agent by cutthroat business tactics — quite the opposite. With The Gorton Group, Eric Gorton has devised a real estate agency built on comprehensive sustain, compassion, and results.

From Dice Dealer to Real Estate Expert

Eric Gorton worked for several years in the casino industry as a dice dealer. While he enjoyed his work, he never felt fully satisfied. Then, the hospitality and casino industries took a huge hit in the early 2000s. It was around this same time that Eric Gorton was diagnosed with cancer and took a leave of absence from work to undergo treatment. With two young children, he was at a crossroads. Not only did he have to fight to beat cancer, but he also had to fight to build a better future for himself and his family.

So, in 2001, Eric Gorton worked to retrieve and ultimately got his real estate license. Within his first year, he closed over 30 transactions as a buyer’s agent. His career in real estate would only enhance from there, as he took on the role of a listing agent and successfully sold 125 of 198 houses in a flagship, high-end Las Vegas community. After selling successfully in that community, he was able to move his family into the neighborhood and they have been living there ever since. In the eight years that he worked for Simply Vegas, he was recognized as one of the top five realtors in gross sales quantity and, by 2019, was crowned the number one salesperson at the company.

How Eric Gorton Approaches Real Estate

Unlike many real estate agents who simply see their clients as method to an end, Eric Gorton goes above and beyond for every person who puts their trust in him. His business is 100% customer service pushed, with zero exceptions. Thanks to years in the business, Eric Gorton also has experience and education that far exceeds the great majority of agents in Nevada (and the rest of the country). He has experienced the highs and lows of the industry, so he has the knowledge to deal with just about any scenario thrown his way.

To truly be a service-orientated person in the real estate industry, Eric Gorton believes that you have to be there for things that really don’t include real estate. Sometimes people are going by the most difficult times of their lives and they simply need another human being to provide assistance. Perhaps they are experiencing a death in the family, a painful divorce, a natural disaster, or just children leaving home for the first time. While a real estate agent can’t magically “fix” all of these issues, they can help by listening and being obtainable. It can be as easy as picking up the phone and being physically present to help a client.

Fortunately for his clients, Eric Gorton is obsessed with picking up the phone whenever it rings, which method that he is always obtainable to assist people in any way he can — from helping move heavy objects out of a home to babysitting children during a serious family crisis. For Eric, it’s not just business. It’s about adding a human touch to the art of buying and selling houses.

Are you interested in selling a house with Eric Gorton? If you’d like to learn more about working with Eric Gorton, you can connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. Additionally, you can reach out to Eric Gorton and his team directly on The Gorton Group website!

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