Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson will practice Wednesday, expects to s…

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson said he was fit and ready to practice Wednesday, three days after he was too sick to play in the team’s 16-13 win over the Chicago produces.

“I’m positive. I’m certain. No relapses,” he said, laughing as he alluded to his roller coaster health week heading into the produces game.

He said he has no doubt he will be ready to start against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night at M&T Bank Stadium.

“I don’t want to talk about the sickness,” he said. “I’m good now. … I think I’m fully back to normal. I want to get out there and just go.”

Jackson said he felt chills, sweating in his sleep last Friday night after he practiced earlier that day. He traveled to Chicago and cheered for his backup, Tyler Huntley, but spent much of the game wrapped in a heavy coat in the Ravens’ training room.

The game was just the third he missed in his four years with the Ravens.

Lamar Jackson acknowledged that COVID-19 could have left him more prone to illness, but he couldn’t say for certain. The quarterback has tested positive for the virus twice, first during Week 12 of the 2020 season and again in July of this year.

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