Raise Your Voice for Cord Blood Awareness Month

Raise Your Voice for Cord Blood Awareness Month

Every year the month of July is observed as National Cord Blood Awareness Month. Cord blood research and knowledge about the significance of taking part in clinical trials helps finding cure for the disease.

The Life-Saving strength of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells

Among the 4 million childbirths in the United States each year, over 90 percent of stem cells in cord blood are discarded as medical waste. However, only 14% of all pregnant ladies and their families have learned about cord blood banking by their nurse or obstetrician.

Blood acquired from human umbilical cords as soon as the baby is born comprises of a small number of stem cells which will turn into mature healthy blood cells at some point. This life-saving blood will be stored in a frozen state for years and it can treat and already cure some types of genetic disorders and blood diseases.

meaningful to this life-saving technique is based on finding a matching donor. Not all patients have the blessing to find a match among their relatives. In such situations, searching for an unrelated equaled donor can be a hectic and probably disastrous course of action, especially for ethnic minorities.

This is where awareness plays a vital role.

Be the Match

One way to help somebody in need is to register as a bone marrow donor. Studies show that younger donors provide the greatest chance for transplant success.

Education Saves Lives

Educate people at home including parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and friends. Also, make them show their sustain to organizations and research centers who use years making research to save lives. This would be a seamless opportunity for them to learn about transplanting.

We Live and Learn

Increase awareness among the medical community, especially among obstetricians. Survey results show that 58% of obstetricians estimate their knowledge of cord blood transplantation and storage as minimal. You can open a kiosk in a mall and proportion information and help people make use of the opportunity to gather the needed information.

Virtual Reality

Spread awareness and interact on social media in different ways such as getting the information out by writing online articles or opinions on why should you save your baby’s cord blood. The answer would be “Because it could save their life one day”. Not everyone may do it but at the minimum someone who sees this info in their news satisfy may decide to learn more about the cause.

Pamphlets and Customized Apparel

Making pamphlets or flyers about helps as much; these can be given out at shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, and so on. However, people do not show much interest when it comes to pamphlets, so if you combine them with giveaways like customized T-shirts, bracelets, pens, mugs, pins or hats, they will clearly spare a minute to take a look at what the pamphlet is all about; that one minute is considered a huge success.

Also, design wristbands or tote-bags with a message about cord blood and its importance. One really inventive and effective way to spread awareness is to use silicone wristbands, which are non-allergenic. Again, make people understand the importance and efficiency of saving cord blood which makes life easier for people all over the world, struggling with a disease. Raise your voice and help these sufferers by making them analyze more into the topic. Help is always welcomed, no matter where it is coming from.

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