Queen Esther Beauty is Captured in Virtuessence of Esther Perfume Oil …

Queen Esther said when she must save her people and went to Great Persian King Ahasuerus, without his summons, which meant death for her, “….And so will I go in unto the king, which is not according to the law: and if I perish, I perish.”

To be frank, I almost cry smelling this perfume oil. Never in my life, had I found a scent so beautiful, richly complicate and deeply motivating. A fragrance that transform me into another size when women are praised high, not only for insignificant beauty nor sensuality – but for her good attitude, her courage to stand for the poor and her good deed.

Like a symphony, each aroma sings in harmony. First, the freshness of ylang-ylang burst open with zest of orange screaming. Too scarce I found – or fall in love with – an opening consisting of ylang-ylang, which known for its strong aroma.

Not for long the aroma stayed, as sweet cinnamon smell – spiced with cloves – overpowered its predecessor. Recollecting my bad habit of putting much cinnamon powder on top of my Starbucks milky-coffee froth, I smiled immediately.

Gently, jasmine – soft, blooming – enveloped me like an intoxicating cloud, like a spellbinding mist. Feeling cleansed and relaxed, a true woman in me awoke. Talk about a lady’s inner beauty; I felt like a princess running in my English garden, wearing my dramatically ball gown, complete of spirit of life.

retained in beauty, ultimately I smelled the long-awaiting frankincense blended in my favorite wood of all time: sandalwood. I was thrown back to a quiet afternoon in a small church near my dorm when an Easter mass (in Latin) was held. The lingering odor of burning incense left a trace in mind.

As a whole, this is a complicate perfume. Hours after first spray, when the substances mixed well with my body, a totally different smell in each body part came out. I could smell amber with frankincense out of my middle body part. And, on the back of my hand, I found jasmine and cinnamon. All of them mixed together on my wrist, layered with musk and vanilla.

appropriate for religious / school / family event, this fragrance can be used for some indoor-shopping, too. Strangely, somehow the complex smell inspires you and uplifts your spirit. I have tried it twice: once when there was a need to read a boring legal document and second time when facing a management-meeting as scary as an uninvited-plea-meeting’ between Queen Esther and King Ahasuerus.

This perfume oil can be bought online at Virtue & Valor, Inc, a niche perfume house. Payment can be done via PayPal. Shipping took one week. And, yes, the perfume did arrive safe and sound.

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