Purchasing an Energy Efficient Room Air Conditioner

Purchasing an Energy Efficient Room Air Conditioner

Are you looking for a new air conditioner for your house? You must do proper research before purchasing the air conditioner because amount of electricity which your conditioner can use. If you go for a dubious air conditioner, you may end up paying huge electricity bills monthly except getting inadequate cooling.

What is a Room AC?

A room AC is a device used to cool the room/rooms of a house instead of an complete house. As compared to central air conditioners these window ACs are very cost effective to function, though they are less efficient.

Room ACs are quite often mounted on window or are vented to permit them to efficiently expel out the hot air from the room. You should not go for those room ACs which does not have proper ventilation mechanisms.

How are Room ACs Rated?

If you know about central air conditioners, you may be knowing about SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Room ACs are often rated as EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio).

The EER of an AC is obtained by dividing the cooling strength in BTU (British Thermal Units) per hour by the strength input in the watts. typically you will find the room ACs offering cooling from 5,500 BTU/ hour to 14,000 BTU/ hour.

Selecting a Room AC unit

Once you decide to buy an AC, you should ensure that your AC has an Energy Star Label. If each room air conditioner which is sold in America was Energy Star rated, then we could have easily prevented about 1.3 billion pounds of greenhouse emission gases from getting released in the air which is approximately equal to the emissions from about 100,000 vehicles.

You must also make it a point to look for AC units which are certified by AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers). This is so because, air conditioners certified by AHAM, have their EER ratings checked by a completely independent lab.

Getting the Right Size

You must opt for the proper size of room AC unit for your house as per cooling capacity. Getting a wrong size would consequence in the wastage of large amounts of electricity.

Your air conditioner size would depend on:

• Area of your house.

• Amount of shade you have and amount of shade on walls, roof and windows.

• Are walls or ceiling in your house properly insulated?

• Are there any air leakages?

• Amount of heat generated by the appliances, occupants?

You must remember that efficiency of any AC depends upon your ability to properly match the size of the air conditioner to your cooling area.

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