Psychic Healers – What Do They Do?

Psychic Healers – What Do They Do?

Can psychics really heal people? Can an intuitive readings (or healing) help you reclaim your health, wealth or inner vitality?

I know at first blush it sounds like a silly question, right? And however, there are literally tens of thousands of anecdotal stories about psychic healing, hands free surgery, chakra and energy work, reikei…and all sorts of other amazing different treatments for overcoming some of the most shared health crises. And while there are certainly plenty of “quacky” stories out there, there are plenty of miracles that have left many skeptics scratching their heads in addition.

Want to know what I believe?

That our minds and bodies are interwoven in ways that science (and spirituality) is only beginning to understand.

And that your mind, and your thoughts, be they “psychic” or not, can directly influence your heath, well being and physical body in profound and powerful ways in addition.

Can psychic energy really be good for my health?

It really depends on who you ask. There have been books, studies and serious scientific surveys done of the profound benefits of psychic energy and prayer for healing (often called far away, or distance healing) and some of the studies have been incredibly impressive.

One study published a few years ago suggested that people who were prayed for at a distance healed at rates that were astoundingly higher than those who weren’t prayed for. (in a controlled “test” of people who were admitted into hospitals over a period of time and had no idea they were being prayed for, or not!)

This was MAJOR news…and was reported in major media outlets around the world.

And however…only a month or two after that major study was published, another well known hospital published another study that suggested there was no big assistance in the patients they observed, leaving the skeptics nodding their heads in agreement…and the true blue believers finding fault with the study. (pretty much what happens every time something like this is done)

Here is what we DO know for sure:

People who report near death experiences, come “back” with a heightened psychic ability AND no fear of death. (and are often happier, healthier and more hopeful than at any other time of their lives)

There DOES seem to be powerful therapeutic benefits in thinking good thoughts…..and that people who you focus good thoughts ON, do seem to reap the rewards in addition

People who include in “new age” ideas, analyze psychic occurrences, spirituality and already more esoteric topics like reincarnation, karma and past lives seem to LIVE longer, retrieve better from disease and report being happier and healthier than their skeptical or atheistic counterparts. (This HAS been proven in many scientific studies of survival rates from serious disease…with people who clarify as religious or spiritual recovering better than non believers in just about every study)

Is it some spiritual intervention, or is it simply the strength of positive thinking? We really don’t know. But we DO know that there are tangible benefits in using our minds to analyze the magic and the mystery of the wonderful world around us…and embracing the unexplained in addition!

Of course the other part of psychic readings that can be very therapeutic is the sense of hope and most genuine readers impart. If you see your future as happier, healthier and more hopeful, the likelihood of it BECOMING so are much stronger than much I potential!

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