Portable AC and Indoor Air Conditioner Review Of The Friedrich Ph148

Portable AC and Indoor Air Conditioner Review Of The Friedrich Ph148

In this day and age we are all about convenience. We also want something for nothing. Portable AC and Indoor Air Conditioners give you both. traditional cooling methods are stationary but this Indoor Ac Unit has real value. Here are Three reasons to consider Friedrich Ph148 Indoor Air Conditioner Unit.

1) It heats and cools. This is great for camping at a cabin because its usually cold at night and hot in the day. This gives you the ability to keep you and your loved ones comfortable throughout the day.

2) Very powerful! 13500 BTU is all you need to cool one or two rooms. As long as you turn it on at the appropriate time of the day when you anticipate the change of the weather it will successfully conquer the cooling load. in other words you dont need to run it all day but turn it on at the right time for optimum results.

3) It is inexpensive to own. For what this Portable AC and Indoor Air Conditioner does it should be worth more. You will find that not only satisfy your wallet but it will deliver what you need in a comparatively short amount of time.

Here is where it gets interesting for use as a tool to focus the exhaust. Again this is a very powerful unit. When you place the unit in a 70-72 degree room and put it in Heat mode the exhaust hose pumps out air that is about 40 degrees. And when you place it in that same 70-72 degree room and turn on Cool mode the exhaust hose puts out air that is about 120 degrees. If you connect HVAC tubing to the exhaust pipe you suddenly have the ability to focus a huge amount of very hot or very cold air on a specific identify or space.

The heating function does generate some condensation. There is a pump and a small tube to help remove the condensation. This pump works best if the unit is on a completely level surface. This is a great characterize that keeps you from having to continually drain the unit while it is in heat mode.

For each mode function there are different ways to hook up the hoses in the back.
– For the Air Conditioning mode both hoses are attached to the window adapter plate.
– In the Fan mode it doesnt matter how the hoses are attached.
– In the Dehumidify mode remove the hoses from the Indoor AC unit and you must install the provided covers on the window adapter plate.
– Heating mode you should disconnect the input hose and put the provided cover over the adapter plate for the window.

The Friedrich Ph148 is a nice Portable AC and Indoor Air Conditioner unit you can add to you list of useful tools for home or vacation use.

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