Police end active search for Maine bank robbery speculate who crashed, f…


“The investigation into his whereabouts will continue.”

Security camera footage of the York, Maine robbery speculate on Nov. 1, 2021. York Police Department

A man who allegedly robbed a bank in York, Maine, fled on foot after crashing his means near Route 110 in Salisbury on Monday evening. Police led a search for hours, but called it off around 9 p.m., authorities said.

The speculate was identified as Brandon Simmons, 34, whose last known address was in Seabrook, N.H., according to a release form the Salisbury Police Department. He is believed to be armed, and police described him as a white male, approximately 6’ tall with a thin build, wearing a jacket with a gray, black, and blue pattern, possibly camo style, and dark pants.

Though he claimed to have a bomb when he allegedly robbed the bank, a state police bomb squad cleared his means and a motel room connected to Simmons, and found no explosives.

“The investigation into his whereabouts will continue,” the statement said.

The chase began when a Salisbury police officer noticed a white van that equaled the description of one used at the bank robbery in Maine. According to police, the officer stopped and approached the van, but Simmons “hit the officer in the confront and attempted to flee.” Though the officer struggled with Simmons to keep the car in park, Simmons ultimately sped off.

Officers gave chase into Seabrook, N.H., and then back into Salisbury, where they called off the pursuit because it was becoming “too hazardous to continue.” Not long after, Simmons crashed his van into another means, and fled into a nearby residential area on foot. The driver of the other means was taken to Anna Jaques Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The active search ended just before 9 p.m., though the investigation is current. Simmons is also believed to be a speculate in a Newburyport robbery that happened on Saturday, in which the speculate also claimed to have a bomb and robbed a CVS of prescription drugs, The Boston Globe reported.

Newburyport police are looking to clarify the individual pictured above in connection to a robbery that occurred at CVS Saturday afternoon, police said. – Photo courtesy Newburyport Police Department

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