Percent Calculator – Android App Source Code

Percent Calculator - Android App Source Code


Percent Calculator is a simple, high design, intuitive and stable app intended for daily use. It is an application designed for making fast calculation whether in school, at office, at home, during shopping or at restaurants. It is very simple to use in daily life. Every roles of this app is very clear and easy to understand. Also consequence of the calculation characterize very simple way so everyone can understand easily. You needs to go into require data and in one click consequence will characterize. After perform any calculation it will automatically store in history for further use. You can see all past calculation in history screen. You can also clear the history.

Generally, people don’t like math and counting in your head. This percent calculator helps you to easily make any necessary calculations on your phone or tablet – percentage, tips, discount, increase and decline percent of given amount, selling price calculate and profit calculate. The calculator is easy to use, very useful in addition as operates fast and efficiently. 


  • Percent Calculator
  • Discount Calculator (sale price)
  • Percent Markups (increase by)
  • Percent Markdown (decline by)
  • Percent Margin (selling price)
  • Tip calculation and Bill per person


  • Download main code .zip file and Extract it.
  • Import that into android studio by selection Import Project option.
  • Follow the instruction given in file to reskin the app.


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