Paladin AOE Grinding Guide – Earn 1000g per Hour Consistently in WotLK…

This Paladin AOE grinding guide will offer you some basic tips and secrets on how to not only receive gold quickly, but also how to level quickly with your Paladin.

A lot of changes happened in patch 3.0 in wow Wrath of the Lich King; however all of the chief AOE grinding talents for paladins keep the same: Blessing of Sanctuary, Reckoning, and Holy protect.

One of the most important tips that I can give you for AOE grinding with your Paladin is to use protect spikes! Never leave without them. The mats for protect spikes are fairly cheap. If you can get a thorium spike, go for a lesser one, such as mithril. The good news is that as of patch 2.4.2, you no longer need a blacksmith to attach your protect spike!

There are several different AOE grinding buffs that paladins have received with the release of WoW Wrath of the Lich King. One of the biggest ones is Blessing of sanctuary. This buff will now restore your mana when you block, dodge, or parry. This is great because now you don’t have to worry about mana as often. Some other great things that happened to the Paladin is that Avenger’s protect, Hammer of wrath, and Holy Wrath are now an moment cast.

I recommend that you use Hammer of the Righteous as often as possible. This will greatly increase your ability to proc your judgments and seals.

One thing that I really like is that it is much easier to heal myself now (with the changes to casting and damage taken). I now feel comfortable AOE grinding 10-15 mobs around my level.

I have prepared a very in thoroughness Paladin AOE Grinding Guide. This will show you the very best wow farming spots in Northrend! I (in addition as many others) make 1000 gold per hour consistently using these methods! I regularly stay up-to-date with Blizzard’s nerfs and changes so that I can keep my guide up-to-date with the latest secrets and tips.

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