Only Leaders Will Prosper Online

If you’re like most people who join this online networking industry, you have no plan, no strategy, and limited funds, but what you do have is excursion and determination and a passion to go after your dreams.

I can say your 50% there if you have the consistency and determination, but without the other 50% your hopes will quickly get dashed.

So what can you offer to this drastically forever changing market place, especially if your new to the industry. (VALUE)

If you have no value to offer, you will see your account decrease and your hopes shattered, so first things first. You must find an area that your most comfortable with.

The three main areas are PPC, SEO, Social media & Video, now what you don’t want to do is keep on jumping from one to the next, especially if your on a limited budget, pick one and stick with it.

Now at all event you decide to go with you must master your area, once you begin to become extremely savvy in that area you can begin to offer value, its that simple.

“But I’m new to the industry so how am i going to offer the kind of value where people will listen to me?”

Well you being very new to making money online will allow you some advantages, you must remember that everything you experience while building your business is a valuable lesson, and if you can learn from it, others can to.

You can help prevent many people from making the same mistake, and that’s what this game is about helping people get to there destination a lot quicker then they would if they didn’t have someone like you to help them.

So as you grow and become more proficient in your area of skill, the more value you will have to offer, i guarantee you there will be many lessons on a daily basis.

Once you begin to attract more people to you, things will begin to change very quickly, and the one thing that all leaders have that help attract more people to them is character.

Now character is not something you was born with, its something you develop, myself, Ive taken many character traits from successful people all over the world, and they don’t have a clue.

And neither will you, once you have found an area your happy with learn all you can about it, study the lives of the people who have had bright results in that field then strive to emulate their pattern and course of action of thought.

Each and everyday make sure you put into action one or more of the traits that you have learned from these great people and watch yourself grow. If you want to experience true financial freedom within your business, this is the only way to do it.

Leaders have no fear and at all event they fear they dive into, leaders do not back down from a challenge they embrace it, leaders do at all event is necessary to get the job done.

So map your first 3 months out then your next 6 months then your next 12 months and so on. Its important you know where your going before you get there. No leader who is worth his salt got there without hard work, your first year is the most important, most dont make it past three months, so your online life expectancy is short.

So give yourself the best start possible and implement all of the above.

To Your Greatness

Atlas Mckenzie

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