Oil and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Exploration Supported by Government of…

The Petroleum and Natural Gas ministry of India has requested the oil marketing companies to increase the supply of the liquefied petroleum gas to meet the rising need in the country. The petroleum secretary S Sundareshan articulated that, liquefied petroleum gas should reach all the people of India, and it should be done within 2015. S Sundareshan mandated the officials of the oil marketing companies and dealers of the liquefied petroleum gas to check this scheme and it should be carried out successfully. Oil marketing companies currently is bearing a huge loss of around Rs 205 on a single cylinder and this loss will be compensated by the government via subsidy. In the All India Liquefied petroleum gas Distributors Federation conference which held in Mumbai recently, the oil secretary stated that, the oil companies has nearly 12 crore customers and nearly they are supplied with more than 84 crore cylinders per annum. The government plans to increase to around 17 crore customers and this will cover nearly third forth of the total population of the country.

The reduction in the budget has rule the oil and natural gas companies to extract more oil from the 42 oil wells in the Colorado vicinity. The State Parks Board is planning to sell these oil wells and the oil wells for sale is examined by the experts and the minerals are given as lease for a specific period, by practicing this plan the park is kept busy. The authorities have knocked down a dozen of complete time employees, decreased the salaries and increased the camping amount, boat reservation and registration fees. The State Parks Board authorities are questing for agencies and private crew to control four of its parks. Deb Frazier, the spokesperson of the Colorado State Park told that, the extraction of the mineral in the park provides revenue to them, and it is considered as a vital fact.

The relation between the Caribbean countries and India to be enhanced for the extraction of gas and oil were discussed by the top officials of the Tobago and Trinidad and the ministers of India. The delegates from India were Rajiv Kumar Mathur, the chief operation officer of the Gas Authority of India Limited, R.K. Garg the elderly vice president of Petronet LNG Ltd, leading importer of liquefied petroleum gas and Sanjay Kumar, the general manager of the Gas Authority of India Limited met the Winston Dookeranthe and the Carolyn Seepersad Bachan, the Finance minister and Energy minister respectively. They discussed to build rapport with Caribbean countries in oil trade and analyze the oil wells for natural gas and oil.

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