Numerology, Astrology, 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Date 8-8-08

Numerology, Astrology, 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Date 8-8-08

Last year many people emailed us about 7-7-07 (July 7, 2007), asking if its a special date due to all the sevens. We were quoted in three separate American newspaper articles about 7-7-07.

We may have disappointed some people with our perspective about 7-7-2007 since we dont consider it a special date as reflected by the associated, in-thoroughness number patterns.

While the year 2007 includes a seven, its not purely a seven vibration: 2+0+0+7 = 9. consequently, the date is really 7-7-9. Also, the 9 and 2000 of 2007 carry more weight than the 7.

The way to find the most important number mysticism vibration of any multiple-digit number is to add them up and reduce to a single digit (fadic addition).

7-7-2005 (7-7-7) includes more seven energy than 7-7-2007 (7-7-9) on this meaningful level.

The Chinese place a lot of importance on the number eight. They largely associate it with wealth.

Although superstition too often prevails in many cultures, we believe eight does symbolically have some advantages over other numbers, especially in relation to control, m.o.n.e.y, strength, and position.

The Beijing Olympic Games are scheduled to start on 8-8-2008, at 08:08:08 p.m. China Standard Time in Beijing.

Here is some information about the number eight:

8: The number 8 is tied to influence, m.o.n.e.y, karma, action, business success, business failure, control, material objects, position, loss, gain, administration, management, ego, leadership, strength.
Balanced 8 energy: thriving, high-powered, commanding, stamina, self-confident, persuasive, financial awareness, effective, ambitious, businesslike, clear-headed, disciplined, material freedom, honorable, enterprising.

Over-balanced 8 energy: abuses strength, cold-blooded, egotistical, overreaction to m.o.n.e.y, scheming, aggressive, materialistic, corrupt, demanding, domineering, preoccupied with strength and m.o.n.e.y, unsympathetic, over-ambitious, confrontational, rebellious, rough.

Under-balanced 8 energy: passive, unprotected, fearful, insecure, avoids strength and m.o.n.e.y, poor judgment, gives personal strength away, shortsighted.

As indicated above, eight can represent great rewards, in addition it can also symbolize huge challenges, depending on the rest of the indicators in the charts.

The date 8-8-2008 is really, on the most important basic, numerological level, 8-8-1 (2+0+0+8=10, 1+0=1).

This next part of the examination of 8-8-2008 gets a little more complicated, but weve simplified it as much as possible. Although many layers of indicators (natal and predictive) exist in our comprehensive numerology charting systems, directly below we refer to some of the more basic ones that comprise the general numerology outline of our Numerology Decoder software.

(observe: we substituted ti, t = 20th letter of alphabet and i = 9th letter to = 29, for the xxix part of the Games of the xxix Olympiad as it translates better in the software.)

There is a lot of hidden seven energy in the date 8-8-2008, and its not very popular seven energy. Its a hefty combination of over-balanced and under-balanced seven energy. More information is below.

7: The number 7 is connected to mysticism, intuition, inner growth, examination, study, examination, reflection, lowered physical vitality, increased mental activity, conserving assets, planning, attracting unsolicited help, specialization, solitude, health issues, travel.

Balanced 7 energy: metaphysical interests, different wavelength, intellectual, clairvoyant, analytical, perceptive, scientific, exact, meditative, mystical, expert, bookish, poised, telepathic, visionary, thorough, dreamer, instinctive, reflective, truth-seeker, studious, wise.

Over-balanced 7 energy: fearful, nervous, basic, paranoid, indecisive, secretive, repressed emotions, distrustful, guarded, intimidating, fussy, evasive, fanatic, self-conscious, secretive, perfectionist, impersonal, pessimistic.

Under-balanced 7 energy: without of thoroughness, naïve, ignorant, too trusting, empty-headed, mystified, shallow, without of faith, undeveloped, uninformed, unsure.

Plenty of 16/7 energy (e.g., 8+8=16/7, 7+9=16/7) also exists in the date 8-8-2008, which is a firm sign of the following and other challenges: hypocrisy, superficiality, painful collapse of ego-self ideals, rise in position leading to eventual collapse, scandal, intense pride, and self-righteousness.

Unfortunately, the comprehensive charts, beyond what we mention above, also predominantly mirror challenging patterns.

On a positive observe, the Life Path (the most important basic calculation in modern numerology) of 8-8-2008 is indeed eight (8+8+1=17/8), so at the minimum the desire for eight is fulfilled potently that way (along with the day of eight and the minor symbolic influence of the 08 of 2008). Its unfortunate though that theres so much malefic seven associated with the date.

Additionally, the official starting time of the Beijing 2008 Olympics (opening ceremony) includes some unsavory astrological considerations, including the following: Sun in a ineffective house; Moon in Scorpio (opposite of it being exalted in Taurus); Saturn opposing the Ascendant; the Ascendant ruler (Jupiter as ruler of Pisces according to ancient astrology) is retrograde (modern ruler, Neptune, is in a ineffective house–12th); secondary ruler of Ascendant (Venus) is with Saturn; and Mercury is in a ineffective house.

The lesson here is that its important to embrace a comprehensive approach with numerology and astrology, and preferably use them together, as a surface approach easily yields unwanted and, or erroneous results.

Although we would have chosen a different start date and time for the Olympics, we accept that however it came about, fate is fate and it was meant to be that way. Besides, the symbolism doesnt suggest total doom and hopefully the games will go smoothly without any major problems, aside from the on-going political issue (Tibet) and recent earthquake.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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