Non-profit organization takes more than 50 kids to their first basebal…

SAN DIEGO — More than 50 kids, with the non-profit organization “Streets of Hope” — designed to help people in San Diego experiencing homelessness — attended their very first baseball game on Sunday.

“We just want these kids today to know that they are cared about and loved because a lot of them are one step away from being homeless and that is not fair,” said civil rights attorney Brian Claypool, who sponsored the 51 kids.

“Today is really about leveling out the playing field for these kids,” Claypool said.

Founder and board member of “Streets of Hope” Dan D’Amato says the events wouldn’t be possible without volunteers and sponsors.

“Just giving to a kid this way, builds up their self-esteem — gives them that confidence that people do care we are a community, and they are not forgotten,” D’Amato said.

D’Amato says before the pandemic there was several children sleeping on the street with their parents.

“You could come out here any night, see about up to 70 to 100 kids sleeping on the streets next to their parents,” he said.

The kids arrived to Petco Park on a party bus and received an autographed picture of starting Padres pitcher Joe Musgrove, a baseball hat and a bracelet with the words “Never Quit.”

Each kid was treated to a hot dog, fries, and a coke, which Claypool says is necessary when going to a baseball game.

“Streets of Hope” vision is to give those who live on the street of San Diego hope. Ophelia Gonzalez, mother of five, says that is exactly what they did for her family.

“During our journey, throughout all of this, already towards the end, like now, we could be more thankful,” Gonzalez said. “Most likely I wouldn’t be able to be here, to be able to take them to a game if it wasn’t for them right now.”

If you would like to volunteer or donate to “Streets of Hope,” click here.

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