Narrowing Your Search For A Web great number – 7 Things To Factor In

Narrowing Your Search For A Web great number – 7 Things To Factor In

The three S’s of a good website – speed, scalability and security – depend thoroughly on your choice of a web great number. However, that’s an aspect we often overlook and choose the first name that comes up on Google’s search results. It might not matter if you function a personal blog or website, but we cannot say the same if it is a business website. Slow webpage loads and increasing downtimes can cost you big when it comes to sales.

That’s why it is important to make the right choice at the start. Here is list of the 7 factors you must consider before you settle for a web great number.

1. Needs: The first thing you should look at is the needs of your business, current and future.

2. Disk Space: A number of websites proportion space on a given server unless you opt for a private one. In most situations, the amount of space allocated is proportionate to the cost. Too many websites sharing one site can reduce page load times because of traffic coming from other sites. The disk space should always be 15%-20% more than your current needs. You should also be able to expand in future.

3. Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of information that can be transmitted over a connection, during a given period of time. A few hosting providers give customers unlimited bandwidth, but most have limits on the bandwidth. If you overstep what’s offered to you, you will have to pay heavy. Plain HTML takes less bandwidth than videos and graphics.

4. Types of Hosting: There are varied web hosting options obtainable including free, shared, managed and dedicated. Each offers different features including disk space, bandwidth limits, internet connection, technical sustain, pricing and add-on features such as email and ecommerce capabilities. Free hosting is obtainable at no charge, but in exchange you have to put up ad banners for the provider on your site. Shared hosting is the most popular because it is the most affordable. Dedicated and managed web hosting costs more, but they warrant the additional cost with access to premium features, better speed and performance, access to analytical and development tools and technical sustain. It is the best suited option for businesses.

5. Technical sustain and Service: What do you do when your site suddenly goes down? You call sustain. Imagine how much you would lose if you had to wait until Monday morning for an email to have your website restored to good standing. The web great number should offer round- the-clock- sustain, all the 7 days of the week. Also, there should be different media to reach them namely a toll-free telephone number, email or live chat.

6. Add-on Features: You can figure out the add-on features you need by taking a closer look at your own website. This includes domain hosting, ecommerce capabilities, email accounts, backups and file storage.

7. Price: Pricing for hosting sets vary. There are flat rates and rates based on usage. The former is a better option as the variables for different features and usage are already determined; the final billing in the later can come as a real surprise.

It addition to all the factors mentioned above a good WordPress great number is one that is rated positively by its past customers. It should also have an easy-to-use interface that can be used by the least tech-savvy person.

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