My Termite Control Recommendation

My Termite Control Recommendation

The problem is that there is so much conflicting information and advice out there on the topic of termite control and removal, that its hard to know where to turn or who to trust.

There is one book, however, that I have used in the past to great success. It has never failed to help get rid of the terrible termite pest, whenever they happened to crop up.

Its called Ultimate Termite Control, written by Harry Procter – a person who has had a long history dealing with termites. In it, youll find literally everything you need to know about how to properly treat and protect yourself against termites.

Heres what his website says about whats inside the book (I can vouch for the fact that everything he claims is included, plus a lot more):

The NO.1 Method for getting rid of termites. Theres a lot of confusion about what is the best termite treatment obtainable. Ill give you a run-down of the different techniques obtainable and show the best way of beating back the termites (I spent countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to discover this alone). Detailed inside are solutions to the problems of Drywood, Subterranean and Formosan termites.
The DIY Solution: Save thousands of $$$ on termite treatment costs by taking care of termite treatment by yourself (a must for those on a budget as some anti-termite techniques cost a bomb, while pest control fees can run into the thousands!)
Future Proof Your House & Garden. After showing you my how-to techniques for removing termites Ill also give you step-by-step information on how you can easily protect yourself against these creatures from ever returning to your house again.
Exterminator truths revealed – What you need to know if youre calling in a pest control company for an inspection. Ill show you how to prevent yourself from getting ripped off, how to negotiate prices, how to get free termite inspections, what questions you need to ask, how to prepare for extermination, what techniques and chemicals should be used and much more!
The NATURAL and ORGANIC methods for getting rid of termites. Have children? Cats & dogs? Vegetables growing in your garden? Then you might want to get rid of termites naturally so that nothing left behind is toxic to your family, pets or plants.
Anti-Termite Product reviews. Ill show which products are safe and can be trusted whilst also letting you know whats toxic, damaging to your health and should be avoided at all costs. And Ill tell you the cheapest places for buying these solutions.
Termites in the Garden? Protect your trees, garden sheds and vegetables from an insect onslaught that can wreck havoc to your backyard. Plus how you should treat termites that are outside your home differently from those inside your house.
Are you Buying, Selling or Renting a place that you speculate has termite damage? Ill show you how to find evidence of termites in any house, what the law says about termite damage, an explanation on termite bonds & wdo inspections, how landlords can be persuaded to solve your termite problems, how much living in a termite infested area will cost you, what you need to disclose when selling a house infested with termites and much more!
Worried about Furniture? Have any antiques? Ill show you how to protect your chairs, tables, wardrobes and more. This is the most effective and lasting way of preventing termites from chewing by your possessions.
PLUS much more!

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