My Favorite Painting Tools

My Favorite Painting Tools

Painting can be incredibly easy when you know a few tricks and techniques when using the proper tools.

For the do-it-yourself homeowner, these five painting tools below are the only tools you will ever need and use for the rest of your life. Take good care of them and they will take good care of you.

  • 3″ angular sash Purdy pink bristled Nylox Glide brush
  • Wooster 9″ roller cover
  • 3/8″ nap 9″ lambswool roller cover
  • 2′ to 4′ Wooster Shurlock Extension Pole
  • 19″ L x 13″ W x 4″ thorough Well paint pan


There is nothing like a good brush. Don’t ever waste your money on a cheap brush, unless you want to make your painting career a stressful, struggling, short-lived mess.

When it comes to latex brushes, I like to use a 3″ angled sash pink bristled. This is the best brush on the market for latex paints as far as I am concerned.

I’ve used many other brushes and the Nylox Glide with the angle sash cut is the most versatile. If you are a homeowner looking for a good paint brush that will last the rest of your life, get that pink bristled Nylox Glide and keep it clean.

Painting can be fun and easy if you use the right tools. If you buy cheap tools and brushes, you will understand why most people don’t like to paint. A cheap brush will make your painting life permanent and miserable, because the ends of the bristles are not tapered. Just the same with cheap roller covers spraying paint all over the place. It’s no fun getting paint all over. Get a lambs wool 1/4 inch roller cover and you’ll have little if no mess to clean up.

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