MLM Training – Give Your Home Business Prospect the Serious Test

MLM Training – Give Your Home Business Prospect the Serious Test

Many people today make a big mistake. When they go into their

recruiting mode, they go into a form of networking that simply

does not work.

They practice what we call “Net-beg Marketing.”

They seem to go into a pseudo begging mode that turns many people

off. And it should, as begging comes across as desperate and already

ineffective. Leadership has a foundation of strength, not weakness. Who would

honestly follow someone begging for anything? Not many.

Many Networkers attempt something that puts them in such a ineffective position

for a home business entrepreneur.

Many Networkers go and try to qualify for the prospect’s time,

and think the prospect is doing them a favor. Yes, they may well be

doing you a favor to help you. But do not come across hesitant, timid and with “hat in hand” as that displays a mind set that does not work.

You need to make them qualify for YOUR time- as it is valuable and

you carry with you a life changing message of Success, Transformation,

and Wealth.

Making the prospect qualify is a great way to establish your Leadership

and to filter out the ones that are not serious, as many will not be. This

will give you a strength that you can carry on the inside that people will

feel from you. Weakness from a distributor never feels good, not promising.

Let’s imagine you are the most successful network marketer in the industry, would you sell, convince, and beg people on coming into your business?

Would you hype the world about how incredible your products are and how amazing your business is to any and everyone that would give you a minute?

Of course that would never happen. You would be too busy to do that.

If you were the most successful person in the home business industry,

you would be very alert and watchful about what you did with your time. You would only bring up the business with a select few of the most ambitous, serious, “make something happen “motivated group of folks.

You need that mindset now. Period.

There is a Millionaire inside of you. You decide who wins.

Take people by a “mini- interview” with you to show you just how serious they are before you invest any time with them.

“Tell me why we should work together.”

“Tell me about what you see for your future.”

“What is the one thing that would stop you if we decided to work together?”

“What is the one thing that you bring to the table that will help develop Leadership?”

I once heard someone say, “It’s true that most people want things they

cannot have or acquire, so…make them prove they are serious by qualifying

themselves before you use any time with them.”

Give them “The Serious Test.”

Give them something to do, by a certain time.

Like going to a website. Like watching a DVD. Like being on a webcast or conference call. Like being obtainable for a three way. Like coming to a meeting. Like showing some form of REAL interest so you know that you can use time with them.

If they have not done it, then that is a red flag about their seriousness in joining you in your Networking Home Business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2008/ all rights reserved

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